• WKO Report: 11/11/17, Frogtown Hobbies

    Havenít written an event review in quite a while. Here we go.

    My alarm went off at 6:00 am. I hit the snooze, and laid awake for a few min. I was going through everything I needed to have done before leaving the house: get dressed; grab my bag of Dice Masters stuff I packed last night; make sure I have the portable charger for my phone; etc. My alarm went off again. My wife, with her eyes still closed, said, ďIf your phone goes off again, Iím going to hurt you.Ē It was at that time I knew I needed to get up and get ready.

    I was on the road by 6:30. I was making the 2 hour+ drive across the state of Ohio from Akron to Toledo for the Regional WKO at Frogtown Hobbies. I was leaving that early because Isaac lives just a few minutes from the venue, so we were meeting up for breakfast at his house. JT was also going, and Stuart had flown in from Texas for the WKO weekend. Isaac's wife and son made chocolate chip pancakes up for everyone. They were delicious.

    Isaac, Stuart, JT, and I recorded for the podcast a bit, and headed on over to the shop to get ready to draft. Upon entering, I got to reconnect with all the familiar faces of the Toledo scene and some of the guys who made the drive from Detroit, Cleveland, and other areas. Iím not going to beat a dead horse, but this community is so great and there are so many people I legitimately consider my friends that I get to see and play Dice Masters with. Before long we were broken in to pods, and started drafting for the WKO. Hereís my team:

    Boom Boom, Time Bomb
    : No surprise here. Sheís a win condition. She was my first overall pick. Basically guaranteed Iíd be using Shocking Grasp as a BAC as well.

    Mimic, Borrowed Talent: He was passed to me early on. Heís an incredible ramp engine as long as my opponent wonít be able to ping him off. This guy came up huge in multiple games. More on that later.

    Banshee, The Wail of the Banshee: OkÖ. Hereís the deal. My first pick of my 2nd stack was the rare Banshee. He would have done such a great job countering the Boom Booms I was sure Iíd see running rampant. But I chose the common. I would love to go back and see if taking the rare would have yielded any different results on the day. But I chose the common, because, I was passedÖ

    Danger Room, Housing Hidden Perils: Late in drafting the 2nd stack, the uncommon Danger Room was passed to me. This is after Iíve already drafted 4 dice for Banshee. At the time, I wasnít sure if it was smart or not, but I drafted it. I figured at the very least, this late in the draft, Iím not going to let anyone else bring that card and have me sitting unprepared for it.

    Nocturne, Shadowy Lineage: She was drafted pretty early on as one of the only decent Morph counters in the set. (UPDATE: It was ruled at the event that Nocturne could redirect Betrayal back at the original player. Since then, a WKRF ruling has come down stating otherwise.)

    Sentinel, HALT! MUTANT!: I figured with all the potential X-Men combos Iíd be facing, he could prove useful.

    Juggernaut, Nothing Can Stop Me!: If my Banshee/Danger Room combo can come up big, thereís no better character in the set than Juggernaut to swing through. Especially since he gets a buff when sidekicks are KOíd. Plus, heís one of my favorite comic characters of all time. ďOh, itís the JuggernautÖĒ

    Sabretooth, Bloodlust: This was a dead card. I literally didnít have anything else I wanted to bring. I didnít have any characters with Awaken and needing the spin-up ability. But, spinning up attackers could give me just enough extra damage to get the win if I needed it. But I didnít see me ever purchasing him. (Spoiler: I never purchased Sabretooth all day. Could have played with 7 cards to the same result.)

    I mentioned above that Shocking Grasp was my BAC chosen for Boom Boom. I decided to bring Resurrection as well. It would let me manage my dice bag on early turns, or get the additional dice needed to purchase one of my 6 cost characters.

    So, letís break down some of these games.

    Swiss Round 1 Ė Chris
    Chris had drafted a great team, and piloted it perfectly. He had common Boom Boom and uncommon Morph, but also had the common Scarlet Witch to make it much harder for me to roll my action dice, Shocking Grasp and Danger Room. I was able to get Mimic out early, but couldnít roll any sidekicks to capitalize on the ramp potential. My matchup with Chris had me second guessing my choice in Banshee. Chris seemed to win pretty easily. Started off 0-1.

    Swiss Round 2 - Jason E.
    I know Jason and am friends with him. I think this was the first time weíd played each other in a competitive match, though. Iíll be honestÖ I donít remember much of what Jason used because my team fired off perfectly this game. I was able to chip away with Boom Boom and Shocking Grasp early. Ramped with Mimic to get to Juggernaut. Got Banshee and Danger Room after that. Used Danger Room. Fielded Banshee to KO everything. Juggernaut got +6A +6D from the sidekicks knocked out, and attacked for the win. Back to .500, 1-1.

    Swiss Round 3 Ė Isaac

    I come over to his house. Eat his chocolate chip pancakes. Then play against him. This game played out similarly to my 2nd round match. My team executed pretty well. The win came when I fielded Mimic to copy the A and D of level 3 Juggernaut. I attacked with everything and Isaac only had a single blocker available. Isaac did have a bad roll or two to start the game, and he never rebounded. Second win in a row with Juggernaut attacking for the win. 2-1. Thanks for breakfast.

    Swiss Round 4 - Jason I.
    This game was on the live stream. Not sure if itís uploaded to rewatch. Again, just going through the motions. Boom Boom and Shocking Grasp early to chip away. Mimic early to ramp. Buy Juggernaut and Banshee. A Danger Room if needed, keep pounding away. The big swing in this game came when Jason used Mutation to swap my Juggernaut out of the field to my full Used Pile, and on the very next turn, I refilled my bag and drew him. This is the game I realized I had a good team. And Juggernaut attacked for the win, again! The uncommon Juggernaut might not be a bad piece in draft after all. 3-1.

    Swiss Round 5 Ė Andrew
    Both of us were sitting at 3-1 record. We were pretty sure even the loser of our game would make the Top 8 cut. We played out what felt like a very sloppy game on my part. I forgot to use Shocking Grasp on a sidekick turn 3 to give me ramp for turn 4. I passed priority, and passed the turn, and as he drew his dice, I realized I had the action die still sitting in the corner of my Reserve. Just sloppy. Andrew was able to hit me early for 10 damage or so with Boom Boom and a couple actions. Instead of ramping to Juggernaut, I went for Sentinel since all Andrew had bought to this point was Boom Booms and Wolverine, all X-Men. Mimic copied the Sentinelís stats, and they kept pressing the attack, knocking out characters. Eventually I got Juggernaut, fielded Banshee, and attacked with everything for the win. Four games in a row, Juggernaut attacked for the win. Yeah, Boom Boom and Mimic were my early pieces, but my closer was Juggernaut. And thatís a lot of fun for me. 4-1.

    Top 8 Ė Amanda
    This was the first time Iíve ever played Amanda. Ive seen her at events for years, and exchanged pleasantries, but never actually played each other. Man, was this a heck of a game. She used Boom Boom and Unstable Canister, while I used Boom Boom and Shocking grasp. When I went for Mimic to begin ramping to build to Nocturne to slow down some of her action use, she simply bought more actions. In game 1 she got me down early, but Nocturne was enough to turn the tide. When she used Unstable Canister I was able to redirect the damage back to Boom Boom herself, so as long as she didnít use my Shocking Grasp, Iíd be able to KO her Boom Boom after her first use. I fielded Banshee, and swung for just enough damage to win with about 4 health left myself. No Juggernaut. Game 2 was very similar. The biggest difference is that she was able to roll Shocking Grasp and 2 Unstable Canisterís on her final turn. She used Shocking Grasp first so when I redirected the 1 damage, it wasnít enough to KO Boom Boom. Then the other actions went off without a hitch and I took way too much damage. As she won that game, time expired. So we started game 3, going in to turns. Since I lost game 2, I opted to go 2nd in the 3rd game. After 3 turns each, she had dealt me 2 damage and I dealt her 4. I advanced. Heck of a game. Unlike any I had played so far that day, having to abandon reaching for Juggernaut all together and just hold on, playing with mostly actions. But, I survived.

    Top 4 Ė Chris
    A rematch against my only loss of the day. I took a chance, and bought up all of his Momentum dice, forcing him to pivot away from Boom Boom. It worked a bit, but his Scarlet Witch was just too much for me. I was never able to get my own Boom Boom going. Danger Room never came up for me. Juggernaut kept attacking, but he just kept chump blocking. My Nocturne slowed down his Morph a bit, but he just ended up buying multiple Morphs to trigger Betrayal. Both games were very similar, and I didnít feel like I had a chance at all. Scarlet Witch shut me down. I wish I would have tried to just go Mimic, Banshee, and Juggernaut instead of wasting my time with my own Boom Boom, but that could very easily have not had much impact either. Plus, then he would have had free reign on all of the 1 and 2 cost action dice in Momentum and Shocking Grasp, and me with no way to stop his Boom Boom.

    This is where I wonder how the rare Banshee would have done. ďwhen your opponent draws a Basic Action die, deal 2 damage to target opponent or character die.Ē. That could shut down Boom Boom. But I canít ignore how useful that common Banshee had been all day for me, clearing the path for Juggernaut. Could I have made it to Top 4 without common Banshee? Who knows. But I do know that in my Top 8 and Top 4 match ups, rare Banshee would have been an amazing piece to force my opponents to deal with. If I had it to do all over again, maybe I use rare Banshee instead of the common, and Villainous Pact instead of Resurrection, so I could purchase Villainous Pact to try and attack for the win if need be, but still have access to the similar global. So, I made Top 4, and only lost to 1 player all day. Congrats, Chris. Heck of a job!

    After the event, we headed back to Isaacís house for some pizza and games. I played a few round of Captain Sonar, a game of Sagrada, and started the long drive on home. I got home at 3:00 am, crawled in bed, and put an end to my WKO road trip. It was great seeing everyone in Toledo. I canít wait until next time.
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    1. cnhiggins's Avatar
      cnhiggins -
      Yeah... that is pretty low of you to beat Issac after he made you pancakes... Oh well.

      Thanks for this breakdown! I draft this Friday after not having played since the summer so I have been trying to read all I can about XMFC to get familiar with the cards. Even if I lose Friday, at least I am able to play again after what feels like a long break! The set looks great. Batman drafted really well and want to see how this one compares.
    1. memmek2k's Avatar
      memmek2k -
      Nah, that's how you thank each other in the Villa house hold. Promise.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Great write up and great weekend!