• WKO Report - Chicago 11/5/17 at the Dice Dojo. Modern Constructed

    From the esteemed Craig H:

    I am so sorry for this email being very late since you asked for a summary of the WKO played on 11/5/17 in Chicago at Chicagoland games: the Dice Dojo so long ago. It was a modern constructed format because the support in store really felt that would be the best format for getting the most participants.

    Since it has been two weeks after the event I will be totally remembering the event wrong and only really be able to provide summaries of how I wish it really was versus what happened in real life. Plus, this summary will not have been edited in anyway for proper english, grammar, or spelling so there will be all sorts of opportunities for readers to interpreting things anyway the want. Or, they will just have to guess what was meant. This all starts with the realization that a thriving metropolis of millions of souls and boundless possibilities was nearly dormant on a Sunday morning where a slight chill in the air and a cloud covering hiding the sun caused the few people able to get outside in the morning to be bundled up in their parkas and jackets as if winter was in full force biting and stinging people’s faces and extremities with cold. With so few people out and about, the feeling of excitement was slightly stifled and just the raw apprehension was wearing on a select few players that showed up for the event. One player had rolled into town alone thinking this was his chance to avoid the continuous play over and over and over again against the players that live in his small home town on the Mississippi river. Two other players had travel in just under two hours with teams that were very similar because they knew with the right luck they would be able to take on anything anyone else would be playing. Three other players were the final out of towners coming from Indianapolis with teams that are fun for them to play. Finally, and certainly not the least of these, was the one lone gun from Chicago that was there to impose his will on anyone that was going to come into his house by bashing their hopes into dust with his fist ring team that was built on pure domination. These seven participants were lead through the tournament by the one saint who has given his time and effort each and every time a WKO has been held in the Dice DoJo. As you have already determined there was no need to try and figure out how to get a top eight players since there were only seven of us. So the event became three round 50 minute best of three games playoff to determine a top two pairing. Once we were broken off into those match ups I have no idea what happened to the other players but here is what I experienced for the day.

    I was using a team that relied on fielding Norman Osborn dice from the super rare card after a Rare Danger Room action had been played. I had Rare Collector on the team to help do this if I needed to purchase a die each turn. The other support I had was a common Mimic to try and prep dice from fielding sidekicks and then using other things to shut down my opponent like rare cold gun, common Shriek, rare blob, and rare bishop. My first match of the day was against the lovely traveler from Indy who was using a team capitalizing on infiltrate. With all the buying of control pieces the first game of our best of three went forty five of the fifty minutes. The saving grace for me to be able to win that first game was getting Bishop out to prevent some of the infiltrate damage but with her rare Ricochet prepping dice that did infiltrate she was rolling eight dice minimum each turn. Oh, it was the rolls that did not go so well for her that saved me till I could make one hit and win. With only 5 minutes left we decided the match was over at that one game. My second match was against one of the players that came in from just outside of Chicago. He was kind of the Dice Master between the two of them and had a super rare ultra man team that was going to rely on the rare collector and uncommon boom boom for supporting win conditions. In our first game he was able to use his collector to get some punches in with my own Norman Osborn before he got his ultraman kryptonite rolling for the win. During the second game I lucked out on real good rolls that allowed me to squeak out the win with just enough time. The match was a Tie. Now for the final match, I was paired up against the one killer from Chicago. His Bolt ring team with Guy Gardner was oppressive. Each turn of the first game starting feeling harder and harder as the control of bishop was being repulsed with a too big to fly basic action killing him before the attack step. You know now that I think of it that bishop may have done more for me than I realized till just now. I was about to write how I felt like on the start of every one of his turns this killer was standing on my neck pushing down just laughing about how I needed to say my last goodbye’s but then somehow the dice god would step in and cause his roll to lack the fists he needed to crush my trachea for the kill. Because he did have some bad rolls and when he had to spend fists to get Bishops attack stats up to 5 for too big to fly it saved me long enough for one turn to get in a killing blow. Our next game he went beyond fast on the guy dice and it was just luck of time that held our match to a one game win which I benefitted from.

    After those three rounds the TO called for a moment of calm as we all sat back and did our own contemplation what had just happened. The TO let us know a top two were determined and I was lucky enough to gain one of those spots and was going to play against my second opponent of the day with his super rare ultra man team. This time as we played the match things were just clicking for his kryptonite perfectly along with his ultra man so there was clear victory in two games giving him the match win and championship so well deserved. As I cleaned up my own materials it was just me and the TO left in the store. We had a brief chat that included the gratitude for having his commitment to assist in running the events they have held. The TO let me know that as long as Chicago has their lone gun ready to take on all comers they will support having these events. So to the champion of Chicago I say; Vaya Con Dios, viya con dios until we meet again.
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    1. JustK's Avatar
      JustK -
      Yes we will meet again. I am sure the meta will be very different the next time.

      Perhaps next time you will not be driving so long and be tired for the final match.
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Still a nice write up! Hope you had fun.
    1. cnhiggins's Avatar
      cnhiggins -
      I have yet to participate in a WKO... I don't know if I would prefer a smaller number participating to increase my odds of winning the WKO or larger number participating to ensure more matches and more opportunities to meet more people in the community... honestly, I think I would prefer the latter! Still think I would prefer a draft WKO vs. constructed.