• Merry Christmas from TRP!

    Hello Dice Masters friends!

    At this time of the year family and friends seem to be at the top of all of our minds and things like competitive dice rolling tend to take a back seat. We here at The Reserve Pool are no exception and are going to be taking the rest of December celebrating the Christmas season and spending time with those we love.

    This time of year also brings with it a time of reflection. We will be taking some time to discuss as a team our plans for 2018-so stay tuned. So from all of us here at The Reserve Pool to all of you-keep rolling those dice and we will see you in 2018!
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    1. cnhiggins's Avatar
      cnhiggins -
      Have a good holiday! Thanks for all that you all do for us!
    1. GRider10's Avatar
      GRider10 -
      Merry Christmas to all at TRP. Thanks for all podcasts and articles throughout the year.
    1. mackstation's Avatar
      mackstation -
      Thanks for all the content! I wish y'all a good holiday.
    1. gladiator_posse's Avatar
      gladiator_posse -
      Merry Christmas to all!
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      Happy holidays ya’ll