• The Mighty Thor: Basic Actions Preview

    Hey, everyone. Just a short time away from the next new Dice Masters set: The Mighty Thor! The first batch of spoilers have rolled in, and luckily, we got a glimpse at all 12 Basic Action Cards in the set. So, letís break down what weíre getting. Keep in mind, these Basic Actions will only be available in the Draft Packs, like we saw in D&D, Tomb of Annihilation. Iíll be looking at these cards through the lens of drafting, since that is how many of us will get them. Also, as youíll see, most of them are exact reprints or functional reprints of Basic Actions we already have. So, some of them wonít necessarily offer anything new to the constructed toolbox.

    The first thing I want to mention is the balance with these Basic Actions. All 12 cards either cost 3 or less to purchase, or have a global ability on them. That means every one of them is usable, with little to no requirements. The usefulness will vary depending on the team you put around them, obviously. But each of these cards can either be purchased on you first turn or provides a global ability. This will give players less of a sense of being ďstuckĒ with a basic action they canít find a use for. To compare, Tomb of Annihilation had 4 Basic Actions with a cost greater than 3 and did not have globals on them. I think this is a really good improvement, and I hope it was an intentional change we will keep as we move forward with future sets.

    Special thanks to Boardgame Today who spoiled these cards in their video. You can watch their video here. On to the Basic Actions!

    Archnemesis! Ė Reprint from Amazing Spider-Man. This action benefits characters with high attack. You could use the global to give that character a defensive buff to survive getting KOíd. The action itself can use that high attack character to KO something on the opposite side. Not only does the global help high attack characters, but it can seriously hurt characters that rely on a high defense stat to stay in the field. At first glance, it looks like characters you might be able to use will with this are Kate Bishop and Punisher, based purely on stats alone.

    Big Entrance Ė Reprinted from War of Light. The first thing that jumps out at me is that they DID NOT use errata text from the WizKids Rules Forum: ďImpulse - You may add this die to your bag. Dice purchased this turn cost 1 less than their printed cost (no matter how many Big Entrance dice are used, minimum 1), and gain Impulse - You may add this die to your bag.Ē That said, this card has been around the block a time or two. Many of us are familiar with the discount it gives. I think this card could become a lot more fun in draft with the new format of getting 2 dice per card. That means every cheap character you draft to take advantage of the discount is doubled. If you manage to draft 2 of the 2 cost uncommon Karnak? Well, you get 4 dice to take advantage of Big Entrance with.

    Don the Helm Ė Hereís a brand new one. Kind of. Itís the same cost and similar effect to the old Transfer Power BAC from Uncanny X-Men. The difference is that if you miss the character face, the die is prepped instead of going to your bag. Also, thereís no global on this card. I donít love this action, but I like it. I donít see anything in this set that it would synergize exceptionally well with, but it has the potential to be useful on just about any team build. It also has the chance to give you a free character if you didnít have enough energy to field everything, using it during the Attack Step.

    Flying Hammer Ė Here we have a functional reprint of Smash! that came out just last year in the Iron Man / War Machine Starter (and also way back in AvX). The only difference is that Flying Hammer costs 1 more to purchase. This is an odd choice, because I didnít see people flocking to Smash! in drafts, thinking the purchase cost of 3 was a bargain. The effect of this action is second fiddle in my opinion. Itís that global that people will be excited to play with. It can shut down opposing Overcrush, or just simply keep a blocker alive when needed. Between this and Archnemesis!, thereís a priority on high attack, low defense characters.

    Get Thee Hence Ė This is just like the Dark Avenger action, except this one looks for characters with Immortal to deal that conditional damage instead of the Bat Family affiliation. This all comes down to how many cheap characters will have the Immortal keyword. The global is straight forward, and will always have a special place in my heart. I lost a match in the top 4 of a rainbow draft event where I would have won if I used this global before fielding my characters and attacking. Iíve never forgotten to use this global at every opportunity since then. (As of this writing, the cheapest character with Immortal weíve seen spoiled is the uncommon Hogun, at 4 cost.)

    Investigation Ė Like Gearing Up way back from the Avengers vs X-Men set, but it costs 1 less! The first thing I think of, besides noticing that sweet Howard the Duck artwork, is looking for characters in this set that have an ability that triggers when you draw or roll dice. Much like Don the Helm above, this may not be the cream of the crop, but itís a great option as your worst case scenario.

    Midgard Ė This is a functional reprint of the Save Civilians Basic Action. Combine this with any character that can help you get sidekicks. I see the rare Crystal lets you spin any ? faces to their sidekick face. This may be the Basic Action Iíd be the least excited to pull, just because I feel itís the most situational. Again, part of it depends on how many characters we have in this set that help us expedite Sidekicks to the field.

    Odinís Fury Ė Here we have a functional reprint of True Believer from Amazing Spider-Man. The action is useful, especially at 2 cost. I know there is some Overcrush in this set, so this action is something to watch out for. The global is going to have some great use in this set. We know we have a character with Breath Weapon. If your opponent is threatening with Breath Weapon, but you know thereís a character you need to keep alive for next turn, you can use this global to remove it from play before your opponent declares attackers. Bold prediction: this global will be more important in set than it was in Amazing Spider-Man, and will lead to it seeing an increase in constructed play.

    Released from the Ice Ė Here we have a functional reprint of Reclaim, which we saw released earlier this year in the Superman / Wonder Woman Starter in the TMNT Heroes in a Half Shell Box Set. 2 cost to prep a die from used. This is the best fall back, utility Basic Action in the set. You wonít be able to win with it, but you could use it to gain some momentum, getting that character you just purchased over to your Prep for next turn.

    Shockwave Ė Iíve always really liked this Basic Action, and am glad to see it Modern legal once again. We originally saw Shockwave back in Justice League. Now we get a reprint with some improved wording. Itís conditional non-targeting removal, that you can pay more to not have it affect your characters. I wish it wasnít a 5 cost action, since it will only ever effect about 33% of the non-sidekicks in play. Combine this with something like rare Nick Fury that can spin down some opposing characters and this is action can be a great combo piece for a win condition. And that global looks good on paper, but remember, thereís very few times your opponent will want to play an action, and youíll get priority to use this global first. However, in constructed, this could be the perfect counter to a character like the uncommon Morph who uses an action when he attacks.

    Surprise Attack Ė We saw this action in the Iron Man / War Machine Starter and get another version of it here. Iíve never really liked this action. It always seemed to me like youíre not getting enough for the cost. You deal 1 or 2 damage to a character. It canít even target your opponent. One thing to keep in mind is that thereís no Magic Missile global to Ďpingí characters off in this set (We do, but itís on a character, and costs 2 energy to use.). So thereís a premium on being able to do that. Also, I mentioned with some of the actions above that can work well with high attack, low defense characters. This is the answer to those low defense characters. Your opponent might be comfortable with Kate Bishop and the Archnemesis! global, but youíll be able to use Surprise Attack before passing them priority to increase Kateís defense. I donít love this action, but Iím definitely keeping an open opinion on how it might be used in this draft landscape.

    Villainous Pact Ė One part ramp engine, one part win condition. This Basic Action regularly sees play in constructed events. This is most likely the action people will be hoping for at rainbow draft events. At first glance, this set doesnít have many Villains. In fact, Villains is only 1 of 7 affiliations weíve seen in this set. So this action will likely have a success. And that global is always good. Just remember it canít be used if something is already in your Prep, But thatís doesnít get in the way very often.

    So, thereís all the Basic Actions in the upcoming Dice Masters set: The Mighty Thor. Iím most excited for the Shockwave reprint, seeing where that might have some usefulness in Modern constructed play. Villainous Pact looks to be the only consistent win condition piece among Basic Actions. I think Odinís Fury will put its global in the spotlight in a way True Believer didnít.

    I hope you enjoyed this little preview, even though we said weíd be taking time off for the holidays. The spoilers hit the internet, and I got the itch to do some writing. Be safe, have fun, and weíll see you guys after the New Year. Roll on!
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    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      So, if I use Odin's Fury's global to remove one of my characters from the field it then would not be able to be targeted by anything until it returns at the end of turn? Or effected by any other abilities (breath weapon for example)? That could be really handy if I'm following correctly how it works.
    1. archivist's Avatar
      archivist -
      Yes. The die would be 'Out of Play' until the end of turn.
    1. Brandoshido's Avatar
      Brandoshido -
      Released from the ice is a functional reprint of Reclaim from the Heroes in a Half shell box, not sm/ww starter. I think you might be confusing it with Misdirection
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Brandoshido View Post
      Released from the ice is a functional reprint of Reclaim from the Heroes in a Half shell box, not sm/ww starter. I think you might be confusing it with Misdirection
      Thanks. Good catch. Not sure why I thought Reclaim was in the SM/WW Starter.
    1. ZBiggety's Avatar
      ZBiggety -
      I'm not sure what you mean about shockwave being a counter to uncommon morph, as he gets to pick which action he uses when he attacks
    1. m4ster-p's Avatar
      m4ster-p -
      Quote Originally Posted by ZBiggety View Post
      I'm not sure what you mean about shockwave being a counter to uncommon morph, as he gets to pick which action he uses when he attacks
      It would be a counter if Morph is using Lethal Blow, for example; you could protect one or more of your characters from it by using the global on Shockwave.
    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      How can you get a free character by using Don the Helm in the attack step?
    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      Quote Originally Posted by CeeQue View Post
      How can you get a free character by using Don the Helm in the attack step?
      Nevermind, it's in the rule book. I always thought you moved them at the end of turn.