• Exciting Announcements!

    Like Nick Fury gathering the Avengers, I'm pleased to announce that I have two more people joining the team. Well, it wasn't a team when it was just me but now it is.I hope that you'll all welcome Katie and Evan to the website.

    Katie will be joining me on the podcast. She'll also add her author's voice to the blog. We've just finished recording a pilot episode and everything went incredibly well - look for that to drop on Thursday, and every Thursday thereafter.

    Evan will also be a writer for the blog and will guest on the podcast for some of the meatier strategy episodes.

    I don't want to put words in their mouths so I'll let them introduce themselves later on. It will be a little bit before we get scheduling figured out, but rest assured, you'll start to see content from them before long.

    I'm really excited at the early response to this site. Now, we'll be able to have even more quality content for you. After talking to these two, I'm convinced that they'll be outstanding editions!

    Welcome, Katie and Evan!
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