• KO, Prep, Invulnerability, and Fielding

    This has been a big debate on the forums for the game on BGG and I wanted to put this out there in hopes of settling it.

    The questions is this: The FAQ clarifies fielding as something that happens whenever the character moves to the field from another area, excluding the attack zone, which would trigger "When fielded" effects.

    So, does the basic action Invulnerability trigger the same effects?

    The debate has gone into a long, circular argument about what constitutes fielding, what triggers "when fielded" abilities, and how moving a die from prep to the field is the same as fielding.

    Still, the answer is most definitely no, and the reason is because the discussion has centered around the wrong idea and the wrong rules. The why of it is on page six of the rules.

    Page six, under "Assign Damage," the following line is found:

    "When a character is knocked out, move it to that player's prep area."

    Let's review the text of Invulnerability:

    "Your attacking characters that are knocked out (this turn) return to the field."

    When this action is in effect, it replaces the text from page six. The dice return field, just as blocked-but-not-ko'd-dice do, instead of going to prep.

    The issue that's leading to the controversy around this stems from a misunderstanding of the difference between being KO'd and going where you go when you're KO'd. The mistaken thought is that the process is that the die is KO'd, and so it is in prep, and now Invulnerability returns it to the field. This implies that the state of being knocked out is simultaneous with jumping to prep, when that's clearly not the case since the rules describe it as a two-step process. Therefore, Invulnerability diverts the die - it never goes to prep in the first place.

    The argument against this is saying that if the card meant this, it should say "characters that would be knocked out...", but that doesn't enter into it because of the rules that we see above.

    In short, being knocked out is a die state that is independent of where it is on the board. It is the status of being knocked out (or not) that determines what you do next.

    Normal Turn:

    Die takes damage -> Die is in a KO'd state -> Player moves die to prep

    With Invulnerability:

    Die takes damage -> Die is KO'd state -> Player moves die to field.
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