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    Some new spoilers have come out today.

    You may have seen some of them on Facebook, but that's not what I'm talking about. That's newsworthy, but this is about the future!No, I'm talking about a friend of the blog who asked to be credited as Superdan567 about MANY upcoming cards and sets. Some of it involves things that we knew were coming, but now we have more concrete information about it.

    Here we go.

    <h3>DC Dice Masters</h3>So this is a thing. We knew it was happening. But we can see things now! Check it:

    So we know that Solomon Grundy, The Flash, Batman, Joker, Firestorm, and Superman will be a part of this from the pictures. The dice demonstrate Wonder woman, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke, and many more. This excites me - I'm extremely hopeful that the presence of a Blue Beetle die means that we'll see my guy Booster Gold.


    We appear to have the same energy types for DC as we do Marvel. Grundy's symbols seem to indicate the possibility of either multiple affiliations or something else similar.

    <h3>D&D;: Battle of Faerun</h3>Here's some new stuff about Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters.

    I can't make out a lot of that beyond the Red Dragon.

    <h3>Uncanny X-Men</h3>Let's not forget about the next set. This gives us OP news.

    Primarily, this gives us information about the OP rewards. It seems that there will be shorter OP cycles:

    [u][*]Days of Future Past, featuring Kitty Pryde, Sentinel, and Wolverine.[*]Age of Apocalypse, featuring Apocalypse, Beast, and Magneto[*]Phoenix Saga, featuring Emma Frost, Phoenix, and Marvel Girl.[/list]
    </h3><h3>Age of Ultron</h3>There's not a lot here, but clearly it's something that's happening.

    This is a full set, and someone who is more "up" on Marvel than I can tell you who the blurs below are:

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