• Punching you in the face: A different kind of control

    I've been thoroughly enjoying playing around with a fist-oriented team. I've talked a lot about the uncommon She-Hulk and certainly, she's a big part of it. The UXM version of this is fun on its own. Now, I've considered some set mixing, and I like the potential that some AVX inclusion gives me as I piece something like this together.

    The control aspect is strong, too, as you want to force your opponent to attack and block in ways that they just don't want to - that's how you win. This is not control in the traditional, long-game sense; just in the "I'm making you do this thing" sense. Let's look at a few different options for how this might work.

    The Straightforward Build.

    Ant-Man: Biophysicist
    She-Hulk: Lady Liberator
    Toad: Sniveling Servant

    Mr. Fantastic: Brilliant Scientist
    Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants

    Beast: Mutate #666
    Psylocke: Kwannon the Assassin
    Silver Surfer: Silverado


    Add the basic actions Relentless and Selective Shield to round this out. This is just what the title says - straightforward. It's basic and might be my favorite iteration of the team. Avengers vs. X-Men cards are used for your engine as well as some removal (thanks to Mr. Fantastic).

    The great thing here is the versatility that you have thanks to Beast, PXG, and Silver Surfer - no matter what you have going on, you have plenty of ways to keep the dice moving. This is a rather aggressive team (thought probably not as much as a T4K squad) and so your life is absolutely viable as a resource, making Surfing for a die something that you should do. It's easy to get bogged down on purchasing too much, and even with the efficiency we have here, we don't want to go overboard on the two cost characters.

    A good turn-one roll here almost anything that includes four energy. My favorite way to do it is to be able to purchase a Beast (or if you think it is needed due to your opponent, a Psylocke), save a mask for PXG, and surf for a die on the spot. This means you are filling your bag up immediately, giving you an opportunity for an early Beast. May not happen, but the potential of it is absolutely worth it. If you can't get a beast, you have a good chance of being able to at least grab Ant Man, and now you have fists in the mix.

    Grab your She-Hulk during turn two and save a die for PXG once more. Surf again if you want, though with rolling so many sidekick dice, it's possible that you were forced to field one. Oh well - don't fret on that. Your next turn will definitely include your Beast and has a good shot at producing a She-Hulk as well. Field them if possible and save a mask once more. You can judge whether forcing someone into Beast with Mr. F is the better play or if PXG is needed.

    Get Toad purchased next, and do as much PXG as possible, which should be doable twice. You ought to be rolling Toad on your next draw. Now, use Mr. Fantastic mixed with Toad to pull characters away from your opponent's field, opening things up. Then, start to attack, cycling your dice aggressively. If you continue to cycle dice using the tools that you have, you should be able to hit with She-Hulk and get her out again quite quickly. Most games, I find I'm able to get She-Hulk back on the board within a turn.

    You can pull away from some of the churn as your field takes shape. You may want to get an additional She-Hulk or perhaps some other form of removal. The options are wide open and again - you have a lot of versatility in how you can operate. Use it.

    It's still a work in progress, but I've been pleased with early results. It is good at getting what it needs very quickly. Just don't be afraid to take some damage along the way.

    Other Ideas

    If you need more removal, and perhaps you don't find yourself using Ant Man due to the other fists on the team, rare Falcon is an option. He'll also help you add sidekicks to your used pile for PXG, something that you could run short of on occasion. The common Deadpool can work here, too, as can the UXM Spider-Man.

    There are plenty of characters that offer opportunities for removal and/or blocker control, and most of them could step into this without changing the tenor of the deck.

    I'd also note that the Psylocke is not necessary and is only present to provide another means of removal should your opponent's deck require it. If you take her out, this becomes a pretty solid budget build.

    There are possibilities with Yu-Gi-Oh characters as well, considering that the Harpie Lady Sisters are essentially She-Hulk in different clothes.


    It can be easy to accidentally "deck" yourself and force yourself to take damage at times that you don't want to. You want to spend aggressively, but also with an eye toward known what you'll have available to roll from your bag the next turn. It can be a hard balance to strike. For the first several turns, you may find that you can have so many dice prepped and/or fielded that you have no more than four dice in your bag at a time. This isn't a bad thing, but it can be a narrow line to toe.

    Finally, a link to the team.
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