• Randy's Dungeons & Dragons Battle for Faerun Starter Set and Gravity Feed Unboxing

    My boss gave me permission to come in early today, so my shift that normally starts at 10:00 am, instead started at 6:40 am. Eight hours and some change later, I was leaving work earlier than usual so I couldbeon my way to the comic shop. I picked up my starter set, gravity feed, "Minsc and Boo" pre-order exclusive card and die, a pack of card sleeves, some pages for my binder, and my regular comic purchases (Nova Annual #1 and Ant-Man #3). My total came to exactly way toofreaking much, and 32 cents. *Sigh*Alright, time to go home and open all of this up.

    So. This guy, right? This is Roo. (actually he's Randall III, but we call him Roo.)He really likes helping me open boosters. If you recall, he helped me plow through an entire AvX gravity feed. He was excited, but I told him we had topick up the puzzles and clean off the table from lunch before we could open anything. He excitedly agreed to my terms.
    Ah, family togetherness. Here we have Roo and mypodcast segment co-host, Abigail.We got popcorn to snack on, ready to open some cards and dice. They have milk in their cups in this picture, but the cups were moved out of their reach before we opened anything. This isn't my first rodeo.

    This doesn't seem like much at first glance, but this really surprised me opening up the Starter Set. We get the orange, purple, pink, and brown action dice and indicator cards this time around just like in Uncanny X-Men. But check out the new shades of colors selected. You can actually see the difference very easily between both the brown and purple and the pink and orange. In Uncanny X-Men you could barely distinguish the colors, even sitting side by side, but this is a great improvement. Good job Wizkids!

    Alright, we have our starter cards and dice, along with Minsc and Boo, set out on the table. We're ready to open the gravity feed. And eat popcorn. Side note: kids say funny things. Abigail was asking me who or what all of the cards were. I'd tell her, and she'd try her best to repeat it. The best was "Vampire". It came out "Damfire". That's right honey, "damfire". This is why I should record these things.

    So, here's our first set of boosters (sorry for the glare). A couple of commons, an uncommon Drow Assassin, and two rares: Owlbear and Half-Orc Fighter. Very pleased with our first round. We kept opening packs three-at-a-time. I'd tear Roo's pack open, and hand it to him. Then tear Abigail's pack open handing it to her. Then open my own. Usually I had to help one of them get the cards out of the foil pack.

    This is J-J. He's 1-year-old, and very badly wanted to help. Nope. I don't feel like wrestling any dice out of a toddler's mouth. The controlled chaos continued for a while: refilling bowls of popcorn, helping kids take drinks of milk, set the cups of milk back out of reach, keep J-J from pulling thing off of the table... it was fun. We were about 3/4 of the way through the gravity feed when...

    Roo! Hold still!

    I said hold still!?
    Ah, here we go... kinda. Anyways, the card is clear enough for you to see what it is. The lone super rare of this box: Tarrasque Epic Aberration. Seven cost, killer stats, a TFC of six... and it's essentially Godzilla. Well, I'm going to be trying to figure out a fun way to have him on a team.
    ?Well, here's everything, along with an empty popcorn bowl. After setting aside my duplicates, and figuring out what I have and didn't have, here's what I found out.

    I got all 40 commons. (Actually, two full sets of commons.) 100% of thecommons.I pulled 30 of the 32 uncommons. I missed Pit Fiend and Stirge. That comes out to 93.75% of the uncommons.My rares, whichI feel like my gravity did a really good job with, came to a total of 22 of 28. After one gravity feed I'm only missing six rares? Yes please. It comes out to 78.57% of the rares for the set. I only pulled one duplicate rare: Invisible Stalker.As I mentioned above, I only pulled one super rare: Tarrasque. 1 of 4, 25% of the super rares. I think that's pretty good. I mean yea, I'd love to get two super rares like I did in my Uncanny X-Men gravity feed, but it's better than not getting a super rare at all like in my Avengers vs X-Men gravity feed. (I know the count for those was different, but it was still disheartening.) And I was hoping to get a full set of uncommons in one fell swoop, but it's worth it to only beeleven cards away from a complete set after one gravity feed.

    Maybe by the time Marvel Age of Ultron comes out I will have video capabilities. For the time being I will just hide behind my mask of written words where I'm comfortable. It took The Reserve Pool months to get me on the podcast... maybe in a few more monthsthey'll have me doing videos. Such are the problems of an introvert.

    I'm really looking forward to digging in to this set. Time to wrap this up so I can play a game or two before going to sleep. Roll on!
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