• Don't Expect the Fantastic Four Anytime Soon

    It's pretty widely considered that the Fantasticar and Sue Storm were late pulls from the Uncanny X-Men starter set. It's looking more and more like they and others won't be in anything for the foreseeable future. A bit of background.

    Late in 2014, Marvel discontinued the "Fantastic Four" and "Ultimate Fantastic Four" comic series.

    Last May, Bleeding Cool News noted that artists had been specifically instructed not to use anything connected in any way to the Fantastic Four.

    Most notably, no Fox-owned characters appeared on the cover of Marvel 75, despite the popularity of the X-Men and the fact that the Fantastic Four were Marvel's FIRST.

    I could go on.

    The most recent news? During GAMA Trade Show, Upper Deck Entertainment - the company behind the phenomenally successful "Marvel Legendary" deck building game - announced that they would be discontinuing the Fantastic Four expansion. This is the only expansion that will be stopped.

    Meanwhile, Marvel has killed Wolverine and Deadpool in the comics and limited toy and shirt licensing on Fox-owned properties dramatically

    And as far as we know, at this point, only Wolverine will be in the Age of Ultron set. EDIT: Looks like it's actually Beast.

    The bottom line is that until Fox and Marvel can settle their differences as far as creative control over the X-Men and Fantastic Four go, expect these heroes to be in short supply everywhere.
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