• Opening Moves: Nine Energy!

    Nine! Nine energy on your second turn.
    Ah ah ah.

    Iím always looking to try something different.

    So, instead of posting a competitive team roster or write a review of a local event, Iím going to ask you a question. What would you do <s>with a million dollars</s> <s>for a Klondike bar</s> with nine energy on your second turn?

    Thatís rightÖ nine energy on turn two.

    You only need four things:
    1. PXG
    2. Silver Surfer (any version)
    3. D&D; basic action Resurrection
    4. Not be afraid to sacrifice some life.

    First turn: Roll two masks and two shields. Use your two shields on the Silver Surfer and Resurrection globals. This puts two dice in you used and prep areas. You still have your two mask energy in your reserve pool and two dice left in your bag. On your opponentís turn, use your masks for PXG twice. The first one moves the two energy you used on globals during your first turn, and the second just moves the energy you spent on the first PXG. So, by the end of your opponentís turn, you have one die in your used pile, five in your prep area, and two in your bag.

    Second turn: Draw four dice. WaitÖ you canít. You draw the two from your bag, refill your bag, and only draw one more. Thatís only three dice. So, according to the rules, since you cannot draw a forth die, you take one damage, and add one generic energy to your reserve pool this turn. You take the three dice you drew, and the five from your prep area, roll all eight sidekick dice, and (providing they come up energy) you have nine energy to work with on your second turn. You had to take three damage to do so, but nine energy!
    So what can you do with nine energy?

    My first thought is to buy a big character. The OP Phoenix Force Force of Nature is the only character that costs more than the nine energy we have to spend. And thatís fine. It would be quite the bomb to drop on our third turn though, with it's ability not letting opposing characters deal more than one damage while attacking. It would lengthen the game, and stop teams like High Hopes dead in their tracks. Alas, it's one energy too expensive.And there are no nine cost characters.

    But we do have some eight cost characters. Keep in mind, after we spend eight energy on a character, we will have one energy left. Make sure itís a shield energy to use the Resurrection global. So you draw onedie and place it in your prep area.

    But your bag is empty! So you refill it with the only die in your used pile... you got it - that eight cost character we just bought, because everything else you just spent is still out of play until the end of your turn. Draw it, and place it in your prep area to roll on your third turn.

    Are any of these eight cost characters really game-endingly good, and worth the price?

    Well... maybe there are some seven cost characters that could work a little better. Plus, that gives you a little wiggle room if one of those sidekick dice comes up a Sidekick, or just for an extra mask for PXG to have a little extra energy to work with that seven cost character.

    So, what do you think? What is worth having nine energy for on your second turn?
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