• Exciting Announcement

    Astute listeners to the podcast will note that we've alluded to big things in the works, things that we're excited about but weren't quite ready to talk about.

    You may also have notice that from time to time, we've mentioned the name of a fifth team member, one unfamiliar to you. The two are connected.

    And, I'm happy to report, the wait will soon be over... but I'm not going to tell you anything else until afterthe page break.

    We will be unveiling a total revamp to the existing website. It will better integrate all of the things that we do, have a more interesting landing page (unlike this one, which is like every other blog out there) and will provide a host of new features.

    We've always said that The Reserve Pool is about Dice Masters and the people who love to play it. A lot of the features and enhancements are geared towards furthering exactly that mission.

    All of this is by way of saying - get ready, and don't be shocked when our site is looking different when you check us out for Nationals coverage and the DC set review. It will be a change! But one that will enable us to be the site that we have always wanted to be.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day. I love doing this, we all do, and you make it worth it.

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