• I like the new tourney rules.

    if you didn't know, WizKids announced that instead of tournaments matches being a best-of-three, they will be a single game.

    I'm not saying that everyone will or should love it but I think its good. Why? A couple of reasons come immediately to mind.

    One game in 30 minutes versus three in fifteen is a big plus. I see the drawbacks - perhaps the dice just don't go your way in a single game. Still, a problem with tournament formats with any of these types of games is that the shortened timeframe forces players to play the game differently. It makes certain strategies clearly better than others, because they can fit into the timeframe. That complaint should be just about gone with Dice Masters.

    It also prevents the metagaming of someone dragging something out to time. While this is something that is technically not against the rules, it's poor sportsmanship. Plenty of people do it and get away with it, but no more will that be possible.

    What do you think?
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