• Hey, Where's the Podcast?

    Hi, everyone. I had all the plans in the world to have it up for today and it's apparent now that this isn't going to happen. There's been a pretty crazy confluence of events this week, first impacting my time to edit the podcast (nothing bad, a lot of good stuff actually, but it ate up my time) and then, when I went to grab the files that Katie and Evan had uploaded this morning, Evan's file was corrupted and unusable. I'm waiting to see if that's something weird that happened with uploading/downloading to Google Drive, and eventually I'm sure Evan can try and upload it again if the file looks good on his side.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure you're too busy digging in to you starter sets and gravity feeds to pay any attention to us! Enjoy the game and we'll have this up as soon as we possibly can - assuming the file is in good shape!

    Thanks for bearing with us!
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