• Why I Like UXM Super Rares

    For most of the life cycle of the Avengers vs. X-Men Dice Masters set, Black Widow: Tsarina and Green Goblin: Gobby dominated the conversation when dealing with most aspects of the game. How not? The two of them were parts of many successful decks. Their ability to get direct damage through coupled with their cheap costs made them cornerstones. The only problem was their rarity.

    Individual copies of these cards went for upwards of $40 or more on auction sites like eBay or
    gaming sites like CoolStuffINC. Players needed to pay a pretty penny in order to add them to their collections - unless they were lucky enough to pull one from a gravity feed. These cards were dangerous and were win-conditions all on their own.

    But this new set brings something different with the super rares, and I'm a fan.

    Instead of finding abilities that are essential to victory, we're seeing abilities that simply act as a player aid or a means of control. Consider:

    [u][*]Iron Man - Industrialist - Cancel all damage that Villains deal to Iron Man. Burst: Double Iron Man's attack value while he is engaged with a Villain. Global: Pay [1 Shield] . Target character gains the Villain affiliation.[*]Scarlet Witch - Controls Probability -While Scarlet Witch is active, you may reroll any or all of your dice one additional time during the roll and reroll step.[*]Spider-Man - Superhero - Heroic: When fielded, Spider-Man may pair up with a different Heroic character until the start of your next turn. While Spider-Man is paired up, when he and/or his partner are knocked out, each may deal its attack in damage to a [Bolt] or [Mask] character.[*]Emma Frost - Hellfire Club -Whenever Emma Frost is damaged by a [Fist] character, redirect the first 1 damage from her to your opponent.[/list]None of these abilities are of the same ilk as those in the last set. I can guarantee that all will be in demand for one reason or another. I myself like Scarlet Witch quite a lot, and surely most others do too, but all of them have an obvious drawback.

    Iron Man needs villains to work. He can make people into villains, but then you're possibly giving your opponent the means to avoid the negative end of one of your Archvillains.

    Scarlet Witch's ability gives you one more chance to roll, and that's fantastic. Just ask anyone who has played HeroClix how nice the Probability Control ability is to have. However, she doesn't help you win on her own. You need to purchase her and then keep her in the field to gain any benefit, potentially delaying your purchase and field of whatever winning combination you've chosen.

    Spider-Man needs another Heroic character, and then can only impact a bolt or mask character. Not that this is bad - in fact it could be quite useful - it's just that they put limits on the ability.

    Emma Frost is similarly limited to just fist characters. Now, plenty of fists are brawny, but the fact remains that your opponent has to attack with fists for you to get any use out of her.

    All of these are useful, and yet all of them have clear limits placed on what they can and can't do. They seem to have ways that they can fit into larger character combinations, but none provide a victory condition by themselves.

    It's a nice step forward for the game, where super rares become nice-to-haves and not must-haves.
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