• Continued Evolution

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    And as with the above, the changes continue to flow.

    The following was shared with the community today:

    WizKids has been busy with the rules updates, and these all seem to be having an impact. This one will change how Rally has been used, among many other things, since Rally can no longer target just-used sidekicks. That makes it still good, but far more situational than it was.

    This also makes it easier to deck yourself if you become too overzealous with various churn options and will also have an impact on the order of operations used for the Professor X global in the Uncanny set.

    <h3>FAQ Updates</h3>WizKids also offered the second update to the FAQ in just a few weeks. It answers just two questions - one regarding Teamwork and the other about an interaction between two cards from Uncanny.

    For the first, Teamwork has been confirmed to act the way that we all probably hoped that it did rather than the way that we feared it did. This action only cares about unique characters that are fielded, so four Black Widows doesn't mean that they all get +3/+3.

    The second informs us that Storm: Weather Witch's global doesn't impact the Imprisoned basic action because the word "target" isn't used on Imprisoned. This is good to know and is a preemptive step, but I can't imagine that this has been frequently asked anywhere yet - except perhaps for the WizKids Open!

    <h3>Taking Shape</h3>In general, it's very heartening to see the clarity and tweaks that we've been wondering about for some time start to appear.

    The updates are definitely helping to make the game a much more cohesive whole than what we've seen so far. I'd still like to see more questions that are actually frequently asked make it into the FAQ, but the frequency of updates does seem to be increasing as well.

    And we have a whole lot of character to talk about, too! More of that is coming this week both in article form as well as the podcast. As this game continues to evolve, keep it here and let's do the evolution.
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