• Rulings from Dice Masters Nationals

    There is a TON to talk about from this event - and we will - but for now I'd just like to point out a few judges' rulings that we found notable from this just because they confirmed certain things or provided a starting point for other things. One or two points may need to be worked through on the rules forum before they are considered to be the true word, but they at least provide context for where these events are moving.

    I don't think I saw judges required too often, but one thing I have noticed is that this is an inquisitive community that likes to understand the game - so when they were called, neighboring games paused to hear the situation and learn the answer themselves. Lot's of others asked questions not because they truly cared or thought the other was trying to pull something illegal out of their dice bag, they simply agreed that they just really wanted to know, because it's come up and an official word would be a good idea. It's one of the many things I love about this community! Let's get a look

    Human Paladin's impact on abilities

    This was my gut, but I saw both sides, and now we have a definite ruling. Human Paladin only impacts situations where the ability itself is doing damage, such as Gobby. He does nothing to stop characters that, say, double damage (like Iceman "Too Cool for Words" or Nick Fury "Patch"). The source of the damage isn't the ability, it's simply the attack itself. Nonetheless, this is something that had been questioned a couple of times, so it's good to see an answer arise quickly.

    Resurrection and other one-time-use abilities

    I have seen this played both ways, argued both ways, and seen others scratch their heads too. A neighboring set of players called a judge for this one and I'm glad that they did! The situation was this - each of them had brought a copy of the Resurrection basic action. Is the ability used once per card that it exists on, or once simply once per turn, since it is the same global either way on the same card?

    The ruling was the former. If two players have a "once per turn" global, like Resurrection, it can be used twice, one for each copy of the card that is in play. I think that this is a nice safety valve in certain situations, but of course relies on your opponent having the global available anyway. Still, it provides a good foothold for future situations.

    Captain Cold's Attack Step Cost

    One iteration of Captain Cold says that an opponent must pay one generic energy in order to declare an attack. The question - and one that we asked here - was an obvious one. Does Captain Cold require an energy paid per attacker declared, or is a single energy enough to get you into the attack step? The former method could be a little too powerful, but the card itself is unclear. Really, it comes to the nature of the attack step - are we simply declaring attackers en masse, or is each attacker a declaration?

    It was ruled that you must pay just a single energy to access the attack, no more. I think that this is good, as the other way could be brutal, especially in a slower format. However, I also think that on a cross-set level, that doesn't provide enough of a deterrence in most cases. There are definitely times when it could save you, taking away that one crucial bolt that's the difference between taking lethal from a Hulk Smash or not -but there are other times when it's just not a ton.

    Could see a lot of draft use, though. I think this will get a nickname, probably something about paying a toll to travel to the attack step.

    Anyway, these are the ones we heard about, and we'll certainly keep our ears open for more! Anything you'd like to get an opinion on? Let us know below and we'll try to bug the judges with it when they're free!
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      Good info! Looking forward to more of your coverage from Nationals.