• "Math hurt Hulk's head!"

    So, by now youíve all read Daveís updates from Nationals weekend, or listened to the bonus podcast episode of our post-Nationals car ride. I didnít do so well the second day during the actual National Championship. However, the first day, during the first qualifier, I was pretty hot. I finished 3-1. My only loss was the first match on the stream, which I thought I played pretty darn well, despite the loss. One of the games I played during that first qualifier was against a player named Josef. This match between us was hands-down the MOST fun game of Dice Masters Iíve ever played. I asked him after the match if I could take a picture of his team because I specifically wanted to write something up about this game. He agreed it was an incredibly fun game, and gave me permission. Let me give you the teams:

    Randyís Team: http://dicemastersdb.com/team-builde...1349-1;3048-1;

    Josefís Team: http://dicemastersdb.com/team-builde...5013-3;1252-1;

    I donít remember which of us went first. I want to say I did. And I donít exactly remember the order of purchases by both of us. Looking at our teams, we had very similar builds to ramp to purchase our Hulks, and very similar triggers to activate his ability. I believe I purchased my Green Goliath first. Then he purchased his. But mine came up energy, and he fielded his before mine hit the field. So letís just skip to that point in the match. We both had Hulks fielded.

    He used his Magic Missile global to deal one damage to HIS level two Hulk. Being on its burst face, it dealt three damage to all of my characters, including my level three Hulk. So my Hulk had eight defense, and took three damage. Then, my Hulkís ability triggered (because he took damage), and dealt two damage to all opposing charactersÖ including his Hulk. So his level two Hulk had already taken one damage from the Magic Missile global, and two from my Hulk, so it had taken three total damage to its seven defense. Then it dealt three more damage to my Hulk. Two more to his Hulk. You see how this goes.

    It got to the point where we would hold our heads in our hands, and think, ďOkay. I need to spend two bolts on the Magic Missile/Slifer the Sky Dragon global to damage his Hulk twice. Then field my own Hulk. Then damage my Hulk with another bolt from the Missile/Slifer to start volleying damage back and forth so only my Hulk remains.Ē But then, we couldnít deal lethal damage. And we didnít want to attack with our Hulk, getting through for damage, and ultimately going to the used pile. We would be totally left wide open for our opponentís next turn. So it would be the next personís turn.

    So if my Hulk knocked out Josefís Hulk, Josef would roll the Hulk in his prep area, and OF COURSE roll the character side. Then heíd damage my Hulk with a few uses of the Missile/Slifer global. Then field his Hulk. Then damage his Hulk. Which would then damage my Hulk. Then damage his HulkÖ This seriously went back and forth for what felt like 100 turns in a row. (It was probably only five or six or, but still.)

    There was so much tension and anticipation with every roll, seeing those Hulks come up character sides. We both knew that if our opponent failed to roll and field their Hulk that we had a really good chance to win. At this point I believe I was at 12 life, and he was at 10. I was using Nick Fury Patch, making 10 damage in one swing very easy to get. But in addition to his Hulk he had purchased a couple of Ghost Riders. Say what you will about how uneconomical he is, it was a character that could help Hulk swing for the needed 12 damage.

    Even though Josef brought Relentless with the global to make a character unable to block, neither of us could take advantage of it. Both of us would save at least a single bolt (sometimes two) for our opponentís turn. So if they fielded their Hulk and tried to use Relentless and attack, we could just damage our own Hulk with the Missile/Slifer global and get the damage volley started all over again. This forced the active player to be the one to start the damage volley to ensure their Hulk would survive.

    We both knew victory was just around the cornerÖ if only our opponent would fail to roll their Hulk on a character face, but they kept coming up characters. These two Hulks were just swinging haymakers back and forth. We both had a blast. Just talking and laughing as our Hulks traded damage. Both of us talking through the steps out loud, making sure we did our Hulk math correctly, so only our Hulk would survive.

    Eventually, his Hulk knocked mine out during his turn, but was only one damage shy of being knocked out. Still sitting on a lightning bolt, I used it to deal one damage to his Hulk. The field was clear. I rolled a whole mess of dice on my turn, which included Ant-Man, Nick Fury, and Hulk. On my initial roll I got level three Ant-Man and level one Nick Fury. He only had one bolt in his reserve pool, so he couldnít knock out my Ant-Man with Missile/Slifer. I didnít even bother with the reroll. I fielded Ant-Man and Nick Fury, attacked with Ant-Manís five attack power. He was unblocked so Fury doubled his damage. Ten damage for the win.

    After that crazy gamma-powered slugfest, it was one little Ant-Man that dealt the final blow.

    Despite the loss, Josef agreed that it was one of the craziest, most fun games he had ever played as well. Even if I lost, I would still have said it was the most exciting game Iíd ever played. It was very fun playing someone who used such a similar strategy to myself. He even used the move where he purchased his Hulk with his bag and used pile empty. Then used the Surfer/Resurrection global to draw a die and place it in his prep. Except his bag was empty. So he refilled it. But the only die in his used pile was the Hulk, because all of the energy he just spent on it was still out of play. So he refilled his bag with the Hulk he just purchased, then drew that Hulk, and placed it in his prep area for next turn. ÖThatís MY go-to third turn move! And he used it too!

    This game seriously could have gone either way. Talking with him afterwards, he mentioned how Patch made such a big difference in the game. I asked him if he had Patch and just didnít select him, or if he didnít have him. He said he just didnít have Patch. So, who knows? If Josef had access to using Nick Fury Patch then our teams might have even been more similar.

    Josef was a great player, who also qualified for Nationals on Sunday, but that qualifier game was the only time we crossed paths all weekend. I know I will remember that game for a long time. Hopefully the rest of you have a game like that, where you can look back and remember a game where you had this much fun. Just because weíre on a new site, it doesnít mean weíre going to change everything. My closing statement is still the same. Roll on!
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    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      Great article. One of the toughest aspects to deal with in a collectible game is "Am I willing to spend a crap-ton of money... to purchase one card?" Gobby, Tsarina, or a rare that fits your team well. Personally, I can't justify doing that for the few times I might get to play IRL. At home, I can just print the card if I really wanted to experiment that much. Personally, I prefer to play with legit cards/dice and just have fun that way, working with what I have. At least the option is there though.

      ...but $70+ for Gobby or Tsarina? No thanks. I'll buy a gravity feed and get a whole bunch instead. (Although as I post this, I notice Nick Fury's rare is just a tad over $10. That's not too awful.)
    1. draven74's Avatar
      draven74 -
      I am good friends with Josef.... we play dice masters every week... as well as other games.... he was telling me and my husband about this match. He was loving it. He said when it was Hulk against Hulk it was like rock em sock em robots... we all died laughing.
    1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
      Vapedaveb -
      Man that sounds like one crazy awesome match. I wish they had video taped it. I kinda wanna see how it went. Your faces must have been priceless.
    1. jhess1983's Avatar
      jhess1983 -
      Hey it's Joe here, that was the most enjoyable match I had that weekend too.
    1. Walsh's Avatar
      Walsh -
      The Hulk math in me and Dave's Top 8 game was intense, Dave definitely won the Hulk battle but I was just barely able to sneak out the win. Super intense and very close match, tons of fun.