• This Week on The Reserve Pool

    With so much happening, a new site, and the aftermath of Nationals, it's been busy! You might have missed things! So we're going to help you out. Here are the highlights of this past week on TRP.

    New Website Features

    With the new site comes new features, some that weren't well-highlighted when we rolled the site out, some are brand new. You can find other Dice Masters Players using this map. Learn how to use it here, and know that we were sensitive to privacy concerns in developing it - you're automatically hidden.

    Help us start online organized play! You can join our video ladder and our Vassal ladder right here. You can tell people when you're online and available for a match, then they can get in touch with you and you can play. This is one of those features that doesn't start getting good until several people start using it.

    Plenty of discussions in progress on the forum, such as evaluation of the DC Justice League Super Rares and comparing notes on how everyone approaches deckbuilding. Maybe you'd like to talk about the Character of the Week, Nova. Join us in these and more!

    WizKids Nationals

    What an exciting event! Congrats to Dave Walsh, the national champion, but really congrats to everyone who was there. So many great people.

    Check out the deck lists that were used by the top eight players. Maybe you're wondering how they compare to one another? We looked at that too.

    Randy provided some stories from the trenches of Nationals, both in constructed and in draft.

    Dave detailed one of the craziest fun teams that he saw at Nats. He also feels weird typing in the third person.

    You can see all of the streamed games in a YouTube channel, linked here. Jimmy did a great job with the broadcast. Thanks to WizKids for the great coverage! Speaking of great coverage, Dice Masters came up roses at Nationals. Chris tells us how and why!

    We had two podcasts recorded during nationals - Episode 46, and our Bonus Episode 1!

    The Game Moving Forward

    All kinds of things, new and old, were talked about too. Rulings from Nationals were discussed. We reviewed the DC Starter Set. We considered the power of the new Constantine Super Rare, and Evan waxed philosophical on the excellent Swarm mechanism from Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters!

    It's been a busy week, and we're sure to be just as busy with the street date for DC approaching and plenty to talk about! Keep it here!
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    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      This is the only the beginning. Kudos to everyone for all the hard this week.
    1. eimorx's Avatar
      eimorx -
      Wow, this is a pretty awesome summary of the week! Hope you guys continue to do this every week!