• Dice Masters Recognized for Innovation

    Press release from GAMA, organizers of Origins Game Fair:

    The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Announces 2015 Vanguard Award Winners

    COLUMBUS, OH April 24, 2015 - The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design is pleased to announce two winners of the Vanguard Award for 2015: Marvel Dice Masters from Wizkids, designed by Mike Elliot and Eric Lang, and The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game from Paizo, designed by Mike Selinker.

    The awards are presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design for innovative and unique game design and marketing. The award began in 2003 and represents the "cutting edge" of new design in the gaming industry. We are proud to recognize both of these new products.

    The winners will be presented their awards by the Academy at the Origins Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 6th at 7:00pm. Both games will be available to play for free at the Origins Game Fair, which will be held from June 3-7, 2015, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.

    The Origins Awards are the oldest and only peer-based award system for the hobby games market. Additional information concerning the Origins Awards can be found at www.originsawards.net .
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    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      Absolutely awesome! Congrats to everyone who has helped this game rise in popularity.
    1. Ken's Avatar
      Ken -
      I have a hunch that the people voting for the award had something different in mind than us players do, but that doesn't temper my enthusiasm. Congrats, WK/Mike Elliot/Eric Lang!