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    We were having few issues getting Dylan set for his first post in time, so I'm helping him with it. That's OK, because it gives me the chance to welcome Dylan to the TRP Team! I was so thrilled that he was willing to come on board - he's a good player, and he also is very community minded, having been a part of the team that has brought Dice Masters to Vassal. And so, this is Dylan's first article with us. Welcome!

    As my first delve I figured I should let you know a little bit about myself. I like most people started playing competitively with Magic the Gathering and since then I've played my fair share of CCGs and LCGs.

    So far Dice Masters seems to be checking pretty much all the boxes of what makes a fun casual or competitive game. That's why I'm so excited about doing anything I can be it putting together local tournaments or helping with the Vassal modules to spread the word. The more people gain an understanding of what makes this game great the bigger this game will get.

    After approaching the guys at TRP during nationals, I figured writing my first post on something related made the most sense.

    With the meta being slightly formed with US Nationals out of the way, this seemed to be the perfect time to bring to light a card that hasn't seen much play or given much thought. As a die and character abilities go, she is very underwhelming. She may seem relatively fair for a 2 purchase and TFC of 2, but with very mediocre stats, she holds little value beyond a chump blocker, Cerebro activator or Blue-Eyescycle die. Storm Weather Witch has yet to find a home up to this point, but the winds of change are blowing as a focus on actions seems to be growing. Her global becomes the star of the card: Pay : change the target of an action die that targets a character die to the character die of your choice.

    Weather Witch walks a fine line as utility but considering that you'll likely have masks sitting around thanks to Professor X, it's easy to see how her inclusion can affect some of the major players in the present meta:

    Even Overcrush and bonus A/D actions will be at her mercy, neutering the battering rams your opponent may be building:

    With D&D and Yugioh we also saw a shift that has opened the door of possibilities for cost efficient uses of actions and more that benefit from their use:

    Like with most globals, it acts as a blessing and curse. With both players able to now redirect you have to beware of focusing on action dice in your build. In many cases she won't fit in on an action heavy team, but where she will shine is when your opponent relies on PXG ramp.

    You now have the opportunity to slow their roll by applying pressure on your opponent to prioritize their PXG ramp or ensure they get the action off the way they intended. This can become a tug of war where you win even if you lose. In most cases you've now taken away not only ramp but their option to Relentless or the additional energy to execute their strategy.The sacrifice you make in order to prevent that Polymorphed Hulk or ringed Lord of D. is well worth the loss of ramp on your side and evens out the playing field a bit more.

    • Two cost mask, perfect for early turn PXG
    • Fodder for Monstrous Behemoth
    • Applies pressure to opponents energy usage

    • Takes your Storm spot if your fond of Wind Rider
    • Weak die stats
    • Actual card abilities are irrelevant on such a weak die

    Granted, she's not a cure-all to the many win conditions out there right now. Still, she does become more relevant. With DC we see more focus on action disruption with Constantine's common form "Antihero", so it doesn't look like actions will be put on the back burner anytime soon.

    With Age of Ultron not far behind DC and this potential shift in meta, her application may grow even further

    Just something to chew on.
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    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      Great first post. Had me thinking I need to go back through all of the cards I've not looked at recently.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      This is why I had Weather Witch on my initial Nationals team, however, when reformulating, I couldn't fit her in.
    1. Unknown869's Avatar
      Unknown869 -
      I'm slightly drunk so my response will be minimal, that card has a lot of faws. It is geared towards to a specific card base. I will judge a ordinary based on connect
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unknown869 View Post
      I'm slightly drunk so my response will be minimal, that card has a lot of faws. It is geared towards to a specific card base. I will judge a ordinary based on connect
      I think I can translate this? The card does have flaws but you need to see what's going on with Polymorph and it makes sense.