• This Week on The Reserve Pool - 4/20 - 4/26

    It's been another busy week here at TRP! So much going on, so much in the works, and that's just what we've figured out to this point! You may have missed some things throughout the week, so we want to make sure that you're all caught up.

    If you weren't up late last night, you missed Age of Ultron Spoilers, so start there.

    First, A Welcome

    Dylan joined the team just this past week - you may have seen his first article about Storm: Weather Witch drop yesterday. If you didn't, give it a read. Dylan is a great guy and a workhorse in the Dice Masters community. If you've played over Vassal, you've interacted with some of Dylan's work.

    Speaking of Vassal, Randy continued his tutorial on the system. It really is a neat way to test things out that you don't own, see if they're worth pursuing. And now that we've mentioned it, Vassal is one of the ways that you can participate in our ladder. Confused about it? Ken gives an overview right here.

    Next, The Good Stuff!

    Dice Masters analysis and events a-plenty this time around.

    Canadian Nationals is happening, and the Dice Masters side of the tournament is expected to be broadcast today at 3:00 EST. Follow the links here if you're interested in that.

    Evan presents us with his customary by-the-numbers article for D&D.

    We saw storage solutions for this game from Kickstarter - and Randy has product in hand. Expect a review shortly. If you're more interested in traditional storage solutions, then check out the collector's box. We did a review of that, too!

    Our DC set review will hopefully get you geared up for your first draft! The next part is coming this week, but let's be honest - it's always the commons and uncommons that are the champs in a draft format. Unless you're Tsarina. And, if that wasn't enough, we examine the tribal stuff that DC brings to the table.

    Zounds! More to come! Excitement!
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      RJRETRO -
      It was a great week. Can't wait for the weeks ahead!