• FLGS Rainbow Draft Report (4/25/15)

    This last weekend, my FLGS Dungeons & Dugouts held our April draft event finishing off the remaining AvX promos for prize support. It was pretty well attended with 8 players (not bad for Gillette, Wyoming!) and everyone had a good time. I'll give you a full rundown of the team I ended up with as well as my experience in the three-round tournament.

    Our store owner made the decision to do a mixed draft, mixing AvX and UXM respectively. I wasn't thrilled about this at first for obvious reasons - dice availability primarily, and a Tsarina or Gobby pull would be devastating against some of the glaring holes left by missing starter set characters from each set. However, I would rate our local meta as "casual" at best, so it wasn't really a stressor in the end. And...no one pulled any SRs from the AxV box.

    The first draft round was three packs of AvX and three packs of UXM. The second draft round was all six UXM. Here's what I ended up with:

    Nick Fury, Patch - This was my very first pick and I anchored the rest of my picks knowing I'd use him. It sealed my fate as an "Avengers Team" because of what he does and because I'm addicted to theme.

    Hawkeye, Longbow - I was lucky enough to nab him early and I got all of his dice. He topped out what I considered my assured cost curve at 4. I wasn't able to bank on a PXG so I needed to keep my cost curve slim and trim.

    Falcon, Samuel Wilson - Falcon didn't show up for me until the 2nd draft wave and all I saw of him was this form. Turns out this + Patch was my winning combo. More on that later.

    Ant-Man, Pym Particles - Another easy pick. Right in my cost curve, a relatively useful global and (of course) another Avenger.

    Psylocke, Betsy Braddock - This is one of those cards that you see two of and you pass them up and then by the third time it comes around you just bite and hope you get one more die of her. Yeah. That. I needed mask energy (or a shot at it, at least) so I threw her on the field.

    Scarlet Witch, Controls Probability - Typically, when I see a Super Rare, I'm gonna draft it. No exception or surprise here. She made it on my team because my back 4 were highly negotiable anyway.

    Phoenix, Mrs. Psyke - Solely for the global. I needed to control the flow of attack as much as possible.

    She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters - The closest thing to a win-con beatstick I could draft, so I did.

    BAC Relentless - It's a global thing - I need to have a way to put blockers back.

    BAC Imprisoned - My biggest fear was a weenie board full of blockers, so I needed insurance. Turns out I was right to fear it.

    So that's the Avengers themed team I could muster, to the best of my draft ability. I nabbed a couple of Visions and Namors, but I wasn't happy with the way they slanted my curve. I never saw a PXG (and it turns out that only two players were fielding him) so I had to think ramp without the benefit of a Beast or Gambit. My general strategy was simple and you could probably guess it. Here was my overarching game plan for each matchup:

    Turn 1: Buy Patch. 'Nuff said and no exceptions.

    Turn 2: Buy 2 Falcons. If I didn't have the right energy combo, buy 1 Falcon and hold masks for PXG (if available). Otherwise spring for an Ant-Man and a mask for PXG or nab a Hawkeye.

    Turn 3: Buy the remaining Falcon. If that didn't work, repeat the same thought process above. If a weenie board was forming, grab Imprisoned and get a Falcon if I'm getting some ramp through PXG.

    Turn 4 and forward: Get aggressive. Hold masks to pump Relentless. Buy a Hawkeye now if I haven't and keep a mask to keep Patch from getting assassinated through blocking.

    So how'd it turn out? Well...not bad but not great. Round 1 was against a player with a decent draft team. He used Silver Surfer's global and got a Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze out right away and pinged me. I ignored it and hit him with a two-Falcon strike for lethal on Turn 4 since he was down to 16 on his own. It was about a 6 minute game.

    Round 2 was against one of the strongest players at the draft. He was featuring McRook/Pyro combo to push some direct damage through with a Silver Surfer combo in his pocket. The same exact thing happened. I got another double level 3 Falcon strike off and hit for lethal on Turn 4. That game lasted about 4 minutes.

    Round 3 was where the simplicity crumbled. I played against another strong player who had PXG and (assuming he drafted him somewhat early) was counting on using him. He put a Cerebro, Cybernetic Intelligence on Storm, Weather Witch and then churned the crap out of her to keep Patch and Falcons in and out of my board. In the meantime, his aggressive ramp allowed him to leave up a few chump blockers to keep my Falcons at bay and/or keep me burning masks to get Falcons across and not ramp. I made the decision Turn 4 to grab imprisioned, which was probably 2 turns too late. I attacked with Falcons successfully for 14 because I had to - the Storm(s) were brewing in Prep and I knew I was doomed to not get any damage in. He came back and swung lethal on Turn 6.

    All in all, I tied two others for 2nd place statistically. It was a lot of fun but I don't see myself getting jazzed again about any kind of mixed set drafting. Having said that, I'm not going to turn down an event, so there's that part of it. The OP prizes were the Phoenix Force Colossus and Teleport and...something else, I think. They were all cards I had previously traded for.

    I hope you enjoyed this report - keep playing and let us know how your events are going on the forums!
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    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      Great recap. Big fan of the warstories! Let's keep 'em comin'!

      (I need some local events so I can do this too...!)
    1. TheOne's Avatar
      TheOne -
      Great recap of events Chris. I also second keep the war stories coming.
    1. Meatman's Avatar
      Meatman -
      I'm participating in my first Rainbow this coming weekend. This will definitely help me with my decision making. Thanks so much for posting!
    1. mashashin's Avatar
      mashashin -
      well I will have vengeance in our upcoming DC draft, Also I'm one of the strongest cool!