• AvX OP Contest Finale Winners!

    Our cunning winner-selecting devices have finally stopped humming, and that means it's time to reveal who won the AvX OP Contest Finale! With all that's going on in the podcast as of late, we haven't quite been able to fit it in, so in the interest of getting winners out before some kind of reality-rewriting event happening, this time we'll be going over the winners in text. Also, this saves Dave and I from mispronouncing names, so double bonus!

    Just as a reminder, as it appears the original contest post may have slipped into a crack during the move - there were four tiers of prizes for our finale: four runners-up get their choice of a copy of Teleport or Teamwork; one Grand Runner-Up receives one of Rally!, Teamwork, Teleport, Collateral Damage, and Takedown; two Second Prize Winners will each receive one of each OP Basic Action, as well as a copy of Thor: The Mighty from Month One; and the Grand Prize Winner will also receive one of each OP Basic Action, as well as a copy of Spider-Man: The Amazing from Month Two. In order to get a chance at these prizes, people wrote in to tell us why their favorite character was missing from Dice Masters. I, for one, eagerly await a 'Pants for Solomon Grundy' action die.

    Anyway, enough background! On to the winners:


    Our runners-up are RJ Retro, Thiago Sousa, Jason Felix, and Matthew Pawliw-Levac!

    RJ had a lovely poem for us:

    Where is the Wasp?
    Where can she be?
    Where is she hiding?
    Could somebody please tell me?

    She's a former Avenger,
    One who is a founder.
    I'd send out a search party,
    but I don't want to hound her.

    In the meantime, I wait,
    For her to return,
    And in the meantime,
    There is something I've learned.

    Nobody else is complaining,
    Not a word heard online,
    Why can't you all care,
    About Janet van Dyne?

    Yet you whine about Sue Storm,
    As if she's Marvel's queen,
    I think you have forgotten,
    She is supposed to be unseen!
    In all fairness, I believe Katie had noted, way back when, that we also probably should have gotten Wasp...and with Age of Ultron, we will! Squeaky wheel, RJ.

    Thiago wrote in to lament the lack of Baymax, who they think would make an excellent healer or defensive Shield character. Now, the name Baymax wasn't immediately recognized by me, but it rang a bell, so I assumed it was a Marvel character...and was a little surprised to find that the first results for the name were for the robot in Big Hero 6 (which I've not seen - I probably should!). Digging deeper, it turned out that Baymax is also a Marvel character, who is the basis of the character from the movie! I am super shamed that I had no idea how that all fit in; thanks, Thiago, for getting me to knowledge up!

    Jason is apparently missing Calendar Man:

    Obviously, Calendar Man is unlikely to make the set to to his perceived lameness, but imagine the possibilities. His cards could all be based around what day of the week it is. One Monday, Calendar Man cannot be blocked. On Tuesday, Calendar Man knocks out one character when fielded. On Wednesday, Calendar Man knocks out all side kicks. On Thursday, Calendar Man does no damage. And so on. Imagine the possibilities. Some days he could be amazing. Other days, he could be absolutely worthless. Of course, the challenge would be to fit all that information on one card. Of course, all that weekly information could be broken apart between his Common, Uncommon, and Rare cards.
    This is a pretty cool idea, though really tricky to balance. I imagine if we see a Batman-centric set, he'd be a possible villain.

    Matthew went totally off the beaten path and went for the big guy in red...Santa Claus!

    the character that I think should be included in Dice Masters in the future is Santa Claus. I know that it would be difficult to decide how to release Santa as he has at the least had countless team-ups with super heroes, he's even been in Doctor Who. But really that should show just how necessary a Santa character is. He's big and jolly and rides in a sleigh, there could be plenty of variety in terms of his abilities and he's been known by so many different names that he could have enough sub-titles to appear in every set.

    But this is supposed to be about why Santa Claus isn't in dice masters. Realistically, Santa is only seen one day a year (except by people who visit the North pole) so once the snow is gone people usually forget about St. Nick. Its sad but true that Santa is probably a little bit lonely that people don't visit him more. He spends his entire year getting ready to give everyone so many great toys that he deserves something back, Santa should be immortalized into Dice Masters so that people are loving Santa and Christmas all year round
    I'm 99.99% sure that Santa's been in both Marvel and DC comics at least once, I'd not be surprised if he was in the 1st Edition Deities & Demigods book (to say nothing of the likelihood that there's some adventure somewhere that features him), and it wouldn't surprise me if he made an appearance in a Christmas-themed Yu-Gi-Oh episode at some point. With such cross-set appeal, he sounds like he'd make a good promo character...let's just hope the Marvel Zombies don't get at him.

    Our Grand Runner-Up is Gabe Isbell! He wondered where Sue Storm is:

    Maybe they couldn't find her to make her card? Maybe she didn't show up in her photo?
    Dave's put out a pretty good theory as to why she's probably not going to make an appearance, which makes all of us sad. Well, most of us, anyway.

    Second Prize

    Our Second Prize winners are Dave Stoner and David Montgomery. TRP Dave, were you messing around with the selection machines again?

    Dave S also went for a not-announced option:

    The character that I most miss from dice masters is the chocobo from the final fantasy video game series. I'm assuming it's been excluded because of its timid nature and that it likes to hide in forests. Another possibility is WizKids not having FF IP rights.

    I like the idea of a mount mechanic for dice masters. May work similar to gear from D&D but where the mount and rider can attack/defend individually or as a pair. Due to the chocobo's high speed I'd like him to give his rider blocker control.
    Final Fantasy Dice Masters may be less farfetched than one might think, given that Disney owns Marvel, and Disney works with Square-Enix (who produces Final Fantasy, among other things) to make the Kingdom Hearts games, so it's only two degrees of property rights Kevin Bacon to negotiate there. Maybe one day we'll be rolling our Clouds and Terras and Tonberries...and Chocobos, of course.

    Dave M also looked video game-wards:

    I sat in my tower, high above the land, hoping that today would be the day my champion would rescue me. Alas it was not to be, but today did have something new in store. I was transported to an arena where I saw my captor, the evil Bowser, and my champion, Mario, and his brother, Luigi. Then a mysterious voice thundered “attack!” I saw Bowser engage some sort of masked winged man, and Mario was pushed back to the arena by a hand of some sort. Luigi and I made it through to the other side where he tossed me in the air and I high kicked the evil force. it let out a grunt, and fell to the ground. We returned to the arena, I think we won, but I have no clue.

    I never saw my tower again, which is a very good thing. We’ve been joined by many other creatures, Wario, Waluigi, Toad. There’s even one who calls himself “Star Fox” the arrogance. Of course there’s Kirby and Link, and that other Princess, “Zelda.”

    What I’m talking about here is of course Super Smash Brothers Dice Masters. Take all the best Nintendo characters and put them in one awesome set. You get the big names like Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, etc. in the starter set, and then you have a lot of room for gravity feed characters. Different versions of the characters could be reflective of different moves from the game, and the equipment/item cards could be various items that drop during the video game. Basic actions would be moves that everyone has like throw, shield, dodge, edge grab, and then some more items. The theme already exists with fighting, so it seems to work if Wizkids could partner with Nintendo for the license.
    I think there's some legs to this idea - considering how Amiibos are selling like hotcakes, maybe there'd be the same potential there? There's certainly enough characters in the latest incarnation of the game for a full DM set, possibly even without having to dip into the non-playable characters much!

    Grand Prize

    Our Grand Prize winner is Tim Scott! Tim had an excellent entry about how he was sad to see that Exodia - the multipart supermonster from Yu-Gi-Oh - was missing from Series One. He put forth the idea that each of its parts would have its own card, and fielding dice from all of them would win you the game, and also suggested what sort of powers and abilities they might have to make them viable while still making that bonus win condition a challenge.

    While I'm not familiar with a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh, I have heard of Exodia, and think that when they do go to put it in, this is probably the sort of treatment it'd deserve...assuming they can fit all five cards into the set. Extra win conditions are always sort of cool, even if they wind up being harder than the normal win conditions to make - as I imagine having over half your team decided for you would be. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see Exodia show up in the next set, so we'll see how close Tim's idea when that happens!

    That's all of our winners, though really - everyone who submitted an entry is a winner, and I enjoyed reading everyone's entry. Winners should expect an email from me in the near future, detailing what I'll need to get them their prizes; everybody should keep their eyes peeled for the next contest, where we'll finally get into those UXM OP rewards!
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    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      I'm glad you enjoyed my Exodia pieces! Congratulations to everyone and I hope everyone who entered had as much fun writing their entry as I did.
    1. mathguy6189's Avatar
      mathguy6189 -
      WOO!!! I won something! Yay for Smash Bros Love!

      I'm just a bit excited to get some OP cards to pass on to my group
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Awesome job everyone! Congrats to winners!
    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      New nickname: Squeaky Wheel.

      Gabe winning "grand prize runner-up" shows how one great joke can make all the difference. He did in one sentence what took me 20 lines to build-up too. Very well done!

      So pumped I'm walking away a winner. This was a blast.

      (Also, Calendar Man = <3 <3 <3)
    1. Gabe's Avatar
      Gabe -
      Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to the Reserve Pool for your generosity! I can honestly say I didn't expect to win anything but had to give it a shot.
    1. Gabe's Avatar
      Gabe -
      I received the OP cards in the mail today. Thank you very much @TRPEvan and The Reserve Pool team!