• Reserve Pool Sunday Edition - 4/27 to 5/3

    Once again, a pretty full week! We saw the release of DC Justice League Dice Masters, the first birthday of The Reserve Pool, and plenty of other stuff. Let's get right to it.

    DC is HERE!

    And there's a lot out there to check out because of it!

    Dylan led the way with a kick-off article for Justice League. We have two episodes of our podcast to listen to on your way to the rainbow draft, where we rate every DC character that you'll see in that draft. Here is Part I, and here is Part II! Along the way, Dave and Lauren unboxed a gravity feed and played some games on live stream with the newly released set.

    Canadian Nationals and Spoilers

    Meanwhile, Randy's buddy and friend to TRP jthomash won Canadian Nationals. Several other RPers were there too and performed quite well. Congrats to all involved! You will hear JT on both The Reserve Pool and The Attack Zone this week.

    Thanks to JT and Canadian Nationals, we got a crazy big spoiler for Age of Ultron - eight super rare cards, including four Marvel Zombies.

    Our News and Others' News

    Meanwhile, we celebrated our first birthday and announced the creation of the Reserve Pool Network - the long and short of which means three additional podcasts joining the lineup, giving you more Dice Masters goodness in your week. The first of these, The Attack Zone, releases this coming Tuesday!

    Ken helps us with some new site features right here.

    WizKids keeps us all on the hook by announcing The Amazing Spider-Man set.

    Finally, we reviewed the Zen Bins from the kickstarter (including seeing if they can survive the assault of that dreaded board game nemesis - CHILDREN) and have a little contest going on in there!