• Dice Masters World Championship Prize Support

    Welcome! Today weíre going to take a look at the prize pool for the upcoming Dice Masters World Championship at Origins. Letís dive right in.

    Rainbow Draft! Itís not yet revealed what set these drafts will be from. Iím guessing they are keeping it ambiguous, depending on the availability of Age of Ultron.
    Winner: Dice Masters Premier Event Playmat

    I really wonder what kind of playmat this is. It could just be a random assortment of various playmats released so far, or it could be a newly printed playmat specifically for this event. Donít know. If itís a new play mat, it would be nice to get some pictures.

    Dice Masters Doubles! I was really excited to see how this event played out at the Canadian Nationals, but it got cancelled due to time constraints. I honestly think the team who wins this will be two people who operate as a well-oiled machine. Knowing exactly how many dice each player should take from the shared prep area. Each player will have a very defined role on the team. That is the team that will win this.
    Winner: Two (2) Uncut Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron Card Sheets

    After Canadian Nationals wrapped up, we got a look at what these are. Provided these uncut sheets are the same as the ones from Canada, this is a full sheet of just super rares, including the Marv el Zombie super rares, including the full art chase variants for the Marvel ZombiesÖ This is a hot commodity. I believe one of these just sold for $800 (which, personally, I think is undervalued). With a $20 entry fee, thatís a heck of an investment.

    Colossal Card Crisis! The format is unlimited, so anything goes. Just like in the World Championship and Qualifiers.
    Winner: Colossal 30Ē x 42Ē Black Widow: Tsarina Full Art Card

    This is an awesome promotional item that would be most at home on display at a FLGS or on the wall of your personal game room. Iíve seen this in person. The card is two sheets (one is the front of the card, the other is the back) of approx. ľ inch foam board. Seems pretty durable. I like it.

    World Championship Qualifier!
    Participation Prize: Beast: Mutate #666 AND Harley Quinn: Dr. Harleen Quinzel Full Art Cards
    Top 16: Captain America: The First Avenger Full Art Card, 2015 Dice Masters World Championship Qualification
    Top 8: Black Widow: Tsarina Full Art Card
    Winner: Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron Variant Art Set

    Alright. Weíve seen the participation and top 8 prizes before. Top 16 wins a brand new full art card. Iím always excited to see the new promotional items. The winning prize, Iím assuming, is the 4 full art versions of the Marvel Zombies. One thing of note is that it says ďVariant Art SetĒ where everything else on the list of prizes says ďFull ArtĒ. Just food for thought.

    World Championship!
    Participation Prize: Beast: Mutate #666 AND Harley Quinn: Dr. Harleen Quinzel Full Art Cards
    Top 16: Marvel Dice Masters AvX Super Rare Set
    Top 8: Black Widow: Tsarina Full Art Card
    Top 4: Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron Variant Art Set
    Top 2: DC Dice Masters Justice League Factory Set
    Winner: Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron Factory Set, Design a Dice Masters Card

    Ok, ok. One at a time. Participation prizesÖ itís like Wizkids is begging us to sell our extra Beast and Harleys. Top 16, very cool. Most people who make top 16 will probably have most of those super rares, but itís still a nice prize from a set thatís over a year old and getting harder to come by. Top 8, who doesnít want a full art Tsarina? Top 4 get the Age of Ultron variant art set. Like I mentioned above, I think this is the set of 4 full art Zombies, but we arenít positive, since they use the term ďVariant ArtĒ instead of ďFull ArtĒ. Top 2 get a factory set of a set that just came out. Thatís hard to beat. Well, being the winner does in fact beat that by getting a factory set of a set that will not be released for at least another month. So at the very least, even if Age of Ultron is not available for drafting, we should have a full set spoiler list coming out of Worlds. Oh yea, then thereís a second part to the grand prizeÖ Design a Dice Masters card.

    After some conversation, a few of us here at The Reserve Pool Network decided on what OUR created card would be if we won the World Championship Grand Prize. Note, none of these are final, and we donít know the prerequisites that Wizkids will put in place for the grand prize winner. Our only limiter was that it has to already exist in the universe of a Dice Masters IP. Here we go.

    Lockheed: Dragon From Space
    3 , X-Men affiliation
    0/2/1, 0/3/1, 1/4/3
    Ally - When fielded, you may have Lockheed's die be captured by one of your characters.
    While captured, the die Lockheed is captured by cannot be the target of Global or Character abilities your opponent controls and the capturing die's Attack and Defense are raised by Lockheed's current Attack and Defense. When the capturing die would leave the field, swap Lockheed and the capturing die.

    Riddler: E. Nigma
    5 , Villain affiliation
    1/1/5, 2/2/6, 3/3/7
    While Active, your energy counts as two . (both s must be spent simultaneously, they cannot be spun down)
    When Fielded, you may spin up to The Riddler's level active Sidekicks you control to their faces.

    Spider-Punk, Anarchic
    0/3/3, 0/4/3, 1/5/4
    When Spider-Punk is fielded, select an opposing character. That character becomes "the man". Stick it to the man. Your opponent cannot purchase or field the man while Spider-Punk is active.

    Booster Gold: Time Master
    1/3/3, 1/4/4, 2/5/5
    When Booster Gold is fielded, you may activate and use any one character or action ability for free, provided that it has been used once in this game.

    Thane: ďLife and DeathĒ
    1/2/4, 2/5/4, 2/6/6
    Characters that receive damage from Thane who become knocked out instead go to the used pile.

    At the end of the attack step, capture any characters damaged by Thane during the attack step who were not knocked out. Return these characters to your owners if Thane is knocked out, when this ability triggers again, or if your opponent is dealt damage.
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    1. simage's Avatar
      simage -
      Do you mind if I create these cards and add them to Vassal?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      That Riddler... I want it either way. Sorry Lockheed.
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      That could be cool. Put in a new tab labeled "community creations" or something. I just want to be clear That we aren't asking people to play with these. There was very little thought put in to whether or not these cards are over/under powered. We treated this as just a fun "what if" scenario.
    1. simage's Avatar
      simage -
      Yea, and in my opinion, that is what Vassal is all about. Fun "what if" scenarios.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      ... Oh how I miss the hey-days of "What-if". Marvel, you are the best.
    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
      That Riddler... I want it either way. Sorry Lockheed.
      I'd "submit" it on your behalf, Shadow. It's an amazing card.
    1. TheOne's Avatar
      TheOne -
      I like the Spider-punk and the Thane what-if cards. Evendors though I don't know that much about Thane for me it sounds like a card that I would use.
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Quote Originally Posted by TheOne View Post
      I like the Spider-punk
      Thanks man. I was pretty happy when I thought of that. There a list of characters I'd like to see before Spider-Punk, but when I thought about making a card after winning Worlds, and what kind of legacy I'd like to contribute to the game... I had to go anti-establishment, stick it to the man, punk rock.