• Vassal Galactus Review!

    This is a little overdue, and some of you may have even thought I forgot about it. But, alas! Finally, my look at Galactus, as playable in Vassal, is finally here! Behold, the devourer of worlds.

    For teaching purposes, offline play, player 1. Let’s go.

    What I love about Galactus in Vassal, is just how easy it is to set up. Drag the Galactus card and your selected herald to the team window. Drag the Galactus and herald’s dice to the playmat. Drag a d20 and set it to 10 (for the Countdown tracker). Boom. Galactus is ready to go.

    The basic rules for Galactus’ die results are printed on the card that was made up specifically for Vassal. Or, the more detailed rules are located under the “help” section.

    Dylan and the fine folks who work on updating Vassal took it a step further, and created their own method of playing with Galactus.

    I like it. This is truly a testament to how proactive the DM community is: taking ideas, building upon them, putting them out there, and letting the cycle start all over again. I love it.

    Excellent work Dylan and everyone else who has contributed to the Dice Masters module for Vassal. Seriously. Great job!

    I wanted to add this… but I didn’t know where. So I will just put it here at the end. I’ve played this a few times with a variety of characters as the herald. My favorite: Superman, Last Son of Krypton (Superman cannot be damaged during the attack step.). It not only presents a decent challenge, and not only vilifies one of the heroes I dislike the most, but it’s actually from a GREAT crossover story where the Fantastic Four and Superman battled Galactus, only to have Galactus choose for Supe’s to become his new herald. It is actually a pretty well done crossover from the early 90’s.

    Roll on!
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    1. masfueg0's Avatar
      masfueg0 -
      Is there a module with all updated sets?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      2.5 I believe has everything through DC, but perhaps not DC OPs.