• Running an event? Use a team sheet!

    It may seem like a lot for a smaller store-level event, but I think that team sheets are fantastic and should absolutely be used regardless of what event you're doing. I couldn't find ones online that were similar to what was used at US Nationals, so I just went into MS Word and put it together myself. Here are a few things that I like about the use of team sheets.

    1. They give you the opportunity to get everyone's information. You have new players? More players than you expected? Still building your scene? Now you have all of their names and e-mail addresses, allowing you to set up contact and get answers when you're trying to promote the next event.
    2. They give you everyone's team! Duh! This is useful when you're looking at ensuring everyone's integrity (though hopefully there's not much to worry about there) but also for posterity. You can pour over things and give your store-level game an added layer of coverage. Share the top deck lists with the group, or with the world.
    3. They help you analyze the format.
    4. They help you track wins and losses easily so that the tournament can run smoothly.
    5. Especially when drafting or playing hybrid, it allows players to really think about what they're doing and visualize a little more as they construct their team rather than just grabbing what they think their eight cards are and moving on to the next thing.
    6. They give your event an extra air of "this is legit", helping you separate yourself from (or at least match the level of) other games that your store supports.

    Here's the one that I used.

    These are just a few of the many excellent reasons that I believe you or your store would do well to use team sheets. They give an air of "official" to the event and give you all of the benefits above. I now have seventeen pieces of information that I'm able to use and share to see how people are playing the format, how that will evolve over time, and of course as a great resource for team sharing as I'm posting the videos onto YouTube.

    Off-topic: If you have the ability to get video going at your store, do it. We just have a good Webcam and a laptop running the show but everyone at the event was really pleased that we were doing it. There was an M:TG tournament the same day and we had more bells and whistles than them. Make your event separate itself, show everyone that it matters, and they'll keep coming - and new players will be enticed! Just make sure that you have things like this available for those passers-by.
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    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Check out this page, under the Tournament Resources tab. It has Team Sheets and Score Sheets and lots more:

    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      I saw that but the sheet doesn't include individual records on the bottom. I liked the all-inclusive sheets from Nationals, and that's what I based the one I made.
    1. Cerebro Gaming's Avatar
      Cerebro Gaming -
      I love the one you made, now I just need to add graphics (I love to waste colored ink)
    1. SJ_Mitchell's Avatar
      SJ_Mitchell -
      It's perfect. Simple and effective.
      Everything I need from something I need to fill out!