• Reading the Rainbow Episode 6 - Super Rares

    Welcome back folks!
    Last Time we talked about Tough Decisions for Player 2 and he decided on the Red Tornado ramp and a wait and see approach on a Bat Family strategy.

    This time we face one of drafting's other great conundrums, drafting for rarity or for the win.

    Here is our friendly neighborhood Rainbow for quick reference:

    Now let's take a look at that first pack:

    Shazam! 5, Bomb cards wheel in DC drafts, but this guy isn't even a bomb. He's just expensive.
    Lantern Power Ring 7, This is decent removal, but not great enough to take as a first pick over a character card.
    Black Manta 5, The core of any villain team, so far, this is our guy.
    Harley Quinn 5, This card is actually quite useful if you have any cards that can go unblocked, such as Uncommon Robin when Batman is out.
    Black Canary 2, Common Canary, good, and can combo with things like the Harley Quinn, but a bit expensive for her stats.
    Darkseid 3, This guy is effective if you have reliable KO, unfortunately, there isn't any truly reliable KO in DC that isn't Rare. Black Canary and Catwoman do good work, but unless you see them, this guys's no worth picking early. Good Villains closer though.
    Lantern Power Ring 7, and 3 of them are in this pack! Can combo it's global with Black Manta, but other than that this is not all that useful against a team that doesn't have villains when we are in an environment with such low ramp.
    Blue Beetle 4, This card is a decent counter pick against villains, but other than that unless you're running bolts, he's just a bit to pricey.
    Wonder Woman 3, JLA staple, but not worth picking without more JLA to build off of.
    Black Manta 5, This is the Black Manta you take if you're NOT running villains. Cheap, incidental direct damage, and a good blocker.
    Katana 5, Cheap with good stats, if Black Manta is gone on the wheel, she might be worth taking.

    Well, Looks like we should be thinking about a villains team then. Pretty straight forward pack so far. We take Black Manta, hope his other die wheels, if not take Darkseid, Harley Quinn or the common Lantern Power Ring.

    Pack two:

    Whelp, this is where discussion would normally stop. The choice is obvious right? Let's take a minute to discuss the times you wouldn't just snag the red stripe.

    First off, Flash is a pretty terrible card, made only slightly better, and worse, by the limited format. Buy him and rush him at your opponent any time you can is basically the only strategy. So if we are planning to win our draft, is he really the pick to take? Well, CSI is selling him for 30$ right now, if you can get half that, then you've paid for the draft and gotten 23 free cards. If you're collecting and still need him, or need SRs to trade for bad SRs from other sets he might be worth taking. What would make winning the raft more important than taking the Flash? I've heard of stores doing whole gravity feeds to draft winners. A gravity feed is worth more than one SR because the feed itself has an SR in it. What if the Draft is an OP event and you really want the OP prize card? Could you trade the Flash for the OP card from the winner? What ever the answer to these questions, the real question is, is there anything in this pack that would help me win at such a high probability that I should expect the birds in the bush over the bird in hand (literally)?

    Let's take a look:
    Brainiac 2, Nope, not gonna win us the draft.
    Blue Beetle 4, Nope.
    Vixen 6, Nope and Nope.
    Batarang 2, Nope, even if we got Batman.
    Flash 4, Good to know we've got another one o wheel into if we do take the Flash, but Nope.
    Cheetah 2, Hrm... we were already looking at villains, maybe we can get something solid going with Black Manta and Cheetah, a pretty hefty pair of staples for a villains deck. Snag a Deathstroke out there and we're in the big time.
    Zatanna 3, Nope, not enough JLA.
    Black Manta 5, Nope.
    Lex Luthor 4, Nope.
    Green Lantern 4, And Nope.

    So looking things over our choices really boil down to SR Flash and build into a villains team a bit slowly, SR Flash and see what comes around in pack one to pick JLA or villains out of pack 2, after all, Wonder Woman isn't terrible or Cheetah into Black Manta and build near perfect villains team. The final decision would be up to you, but in general, take the SR, it's usually worth enough that it pays for the draft an you can just have fun trying to build a team around it or start your draft one car down. Who knows, you might get lucky and get passed a Red Tornado by that guy on your right!

    Speaking of SRs though, let's talk about the other DC SRs and just what to do with them in draft if you do get one.
    Black Canary Take her. She's a cheap character, something hard to get in DC anyway, and has a good aggressive ability that can help you push through for the win. Get a couple of her dice and you've got a flock of awesome.
    Catwoman Check the Rainbow. If she's got a few dice out there, keep your eye out for them and snag her common. Her common and Rare are generally better than her SR in draft. One is solid removal and the other is decent ramp, both are hard to find in the DC meta.
    Constantine Take him. He's the most expensive card in the game right now. As for playing him, if you can get his "rare" he makes a great card for draft and reduces your fielding costs by loads. Meanwhile his common is a 2 cost with decent stats, take it for the dice and run multiples of the SR.

    Next time we're going to be looking at the Control meta and seeing what we might be able to draft for that.

    Player2 would likely take the uncommon Batarang from the first pack and the uncommon Harley Quinn from the second and hope that Uncommon Robin really does wheel for him.
    Player 1 will happily grab the Cheetah that Player 3 passed up for Flash and then snag his first Blue Beetle die.
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    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      There is just no way I can pass up the SR regardless of what I'm doing. I'm never going to get to the point where I have them all, so having trade bait is super valuable. That being said, (and I've said it before) I love how great red Tornado is. <3.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Agreed. 18 packs from any set went to the winner of our draft, and I happened to pull a Tsarina. I mostly drafted Cs/UCs.
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      I'm not sure you're correct on Harley Quinn's ability. Assuming it is the same as Angel's (which it looks like it is), it is intended to read "All characters who are able to be blocked must be blocked before HQ."
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      I am aware if this ruling. I agree that Angel is designed to be worded that way, however the difference here is that Harley says Attackers and Angel didn't. Why they would add half of the wording of a ruling such as this to this obviously similar card? You could say that they just aren't that through, or you could say they wanted this sort of interaction. I will say that the Harley cards have synergized with Joker pretty well and I think that this Harley is designed to pair with the common Joker.

      With that said, I definitely see how Harley could also be ruled that way. Here's to gray area.
    1. Bigred92's Avatar
      Bigred92 -
      Ugh. The bane of drafting is the monetary value of cards outside of the draft. It annoys me when I feel that I have to take a card because of it's rarity and not because I need it for my build. In this case if I was player three I would pick up the uncommon Black Manta and the common Cheetah, and go hard for a villain deck. Mainly because, I feel the SR Flash is weak, and from what I've heard/read most people agree, so I can't see him being very good trade bait.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      I really can't agree with you more. One of the things I like to do is draft my gravity Feeds with friends. This way I can still garuntee a SR or two, everyone knows that rarity doesn't matter as much because they are my cards and because I love drafting so much.
    1. Bigred92's Avatar
      Bigred92 -
      Nice idea @Shadowmeld . Now to gain the ability to control my pack opening addiction in order to save a new gravity feed for a draft.