• Attack Zone Podcast 2: DC, Draft, and You

    In the second ever episode of The Attack Zone, Dave and Randy discuss drafting, especially as it's related to the DC format. What do we think about as we draft? What are some of the pitfalls that we saw people succumb to both early on in the format as well as now? What are the archetypes that we've identified that you can draft into? Dave, fresh off a draft win, and Randy, who earned the promo Wonder Woman at Nationals through a DC draft win, discuss!

    Mailbag@TheReservePool.com for correspondance!

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    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Poor TAZ, no comments. Good show guys, definitely agree on most of these draft thoughts. Really love DC draft, its such a well build meta.
    1. Chris's Avatar
      Chris -
      This was a good next offering - I'm looking forward to future shows.