• User Blogs!

    You may have noticed that earlier this morning @Necromanticer wrote a blog entry. Later in the afternoon that blog entry was promoted to a front page article, here.

    Consider this our call to arms.

    You want to write about Dice Masters? Do it! If you have some in-depth analysis you want to share, or just a great story about something vaguely Dice Masters related, write a blog entry! If we see something entertaining and think other would enjoy it too, we'll push it to our front page for all to see. Some people like to write on a regular basis, and other just write when the mood strikes them. Whatever works for you, works for us. We just want to hear from the community.

    I'd like to start pushing a user's blog post to our front page once every week or two. Right now, that's just about all we get. I'd like to see a few more start coming in, to give us some variety. So, if you want your voice heard, here's your invitation.

    Roll on.
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      Vapedaveb -
      Is it OK to move some of our old articles into a start for my blog.