• DC Dice Masters Draft Tier List

    Disclaimer: While the draft format is being discovered pretty well, this is not the final word. This is not about drafting for rarity. This list becomes less useful the further into the draft you go and is best used for discussion purposes. First, we'll define the common tiers that I use here.

    Tier I - Your first pick. If you see it, take it. This will synergize well with multiple cards that you will see and/or basic actions that you can bring. If you have multiple high-tier picks, you must choose based on the type of team you want to build.

    Tier I.a - May be your first pick in hand one if you plan on executing a specific strategy. More highly dependent on the rest of your deck. This pick may especially be informed by evaluating the cards you open in hand one and hand two and how they might synergize.

    Tier II - Early picks. Could be a first pick, can be built around, but may not be first.

    Tier III - Take these after options in I and II are exhausted. These are high-quality playable cards; supporting characters for the strategies above.

    Tier IV - Playable cards. They're not amazing, but they're solid performers. These should match the energy types that you need.

    Tier V - Situational cards. Only take these if your deck will benefit or if your meta requires the ability that they bring.

    Tier VI - Avoid. Don't take these, or if you're forced to, it probably shouldn't be in your deck unless you have severe energy or role deficiencies.

    The cards are not in any particular order of strength within the tiers. Here we go!

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Tier PXG - If it's there, you must take it.

    Red Tornado: Lab Creation

    Tier I - First Pickable

    Black Manta: Deep Sea Deviant
    Cheetah: Cursed Archeologist
    Constantine: Hellblazer (I know I said we're not drafting for rarity, but if this is there you're probably taking it.)
    Firestorm: Jason & Ronnie
    Aquaman: C or R

    Tier I.a - High Pick, take it if you’re doing a specific strategy.

    Black Canary: Dinah Laurel Lance
    Green Lantern: Willpower
    Wonder Woman: Princess Diana (Take w/ Stargirl)
    Constantine: Con Artist
    Black Manta: David
    The Flash: Speedster

    Tier II - Early pick, can build around or help set your direction, not ever first pick unless it’s an iffy pack.

    Deathstroke: Weapons Master
    Batman: The Caped Crusader
    Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes (Higher pick if you’re going villains or lots of villains in the rainbow)
    Cyborg: Exceptionally Gifted (Especially with Anger Issues)
    Martian Manunter: Green Martian
    Green Lantern: Hal Jordan
    Hawkman: World’s Fiercest
    Sinestro: Instills Fear
    Sinestro: Order Through Fear
    Lex Luthor: Billionaire Industrialist
    The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime

    Tier III - High-quality playable - may offer some tech or removal

    Darkseid: Omega Beams
    Zatanna: Backwards Magic
    Green Arrow : Former Mayor
    Aquaman: King of Atlantis
    Black Canary: Crime-Fighter
    Booster Gold: Glory-Seeking Showboat
    Booster Gold: High Publicity Hijinks (falls if you take other fixing or villains)
    Cheetah: Powered by Urkartaga
    Deadman: Possessive Talents
    Firestorm: Atom Rearranger
    Green Lantern: Brightest Day
    Harley Quinn: Dr. Harleen Quinzel
    Harley Quinn: Femme Fatale
    Hawkman: Carter Hall
    Katana: Tatsu Yamashiro
    Katana: Outsider (Assumes you’re playing villains)
    Lex Luthor: Former President
    Robin: Boy Wonder (falls if no Batman)
    Robin: Acrobatic
    Robin: Circus Star
    Stargirl: Courtney Whitmore (Take w/ Wonder Woman)
    The Flash: Connected to the Speed Force
    Batarang: Tool of the Bat (some of the only removal in the set)

    Tier IV - Playable

    The Atom: Science Advisor
    Black Canary: Canary Cry
    Black Manta: Artificial Gills
    Blue Beetle: High School Hero
    Captain Cold: Leonard Snart
    Captain Cold: Leonard Wynters
    Catwoman: Femme Fatale
    Cheetah: Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
    Constantine: Antihero
    Cyborg: Mentor
    Deadman: Boston Brand
    Firestorm: Matter Master
    Harley Quinn: Psychopathic Psychiatrist
    Katana: Soultaker Sword
    Red Tornado: Rannian
    Sinestro: Sinestro Corps Leader
    Stargirl: Yankee Poodle Fangirl
    Stargirl: Star-Spangled Kid
    Swamp Thing: Dr. Alec Holland
    The Atom: Ray Palmer
    Vibe: Paco
    Vibe: Formerly Hardline
    Vixen: Animal Mimicry
    Batarang: From Wayne Enterprises
    Batarang: Instrument of Distraction
    Lantern Power Ring: Energy Projection

    Tier V - Situational

    Superman: Not a Bird or a Plane
    Blue Beetle: Magically Infused
    Brainiac: Twelfth-Level Intelligence
    Brainiac: Terror of Kandor
    Brainiac: Collector of Worlds
    Captain Cold: Master of Absolute Zero
    Catwoman: Selena Kyle
    Catwoman: Nine Lives
    Cyborg: Vic Stone
    Deadman: Embracing Life
    Hawkman: Thanagarian
    Joker: Red Hood
    Lex Luthor: Power Suit
    Red Tornado: Android
    Shazam!: Wisdom of Solomon
    Shazam!: Strength of Hercules
    Solomon Grundy: Born on a Monday
    Swamp Thing: Plant Elemental
    Swamp Thing: Part of the Green
    The Flash: Barry Allen
    The Joker: Unpredictable
    Vibe: Francisco Ramon
    Vixen: Healing Factor
    Lantern Power Ring: Energy Constructs

    Tier VI - Avoid

    Shazam!: Billy Batson
    Solomon Grundy: Buried on a Sunday
    Solomon Grundy: Died on a Saturday
    The Atom: Subatomic Superhero
    Lantern Power Ring: Flight

    Tier A Billion

    Vixen: Mari McCabe - Is this a sign?
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    1. Bigred92's Avatar
      Bigred92 -
      Hypothetical, but if someone drafts and wins with

      are they really good, really lucky, or really just crazy?
      Also Tier PXG is pretty funny.
    1. DigitalFirefly's Avatar
      DigitalFirefly -
      Bold Prediction: the Worlds winner will have on their team!
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Bold might not be the right word, maybe "touched", or " gifted". You know in the same way that people in straight jackets are some times euphamized.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      I mean it's possible that people will have Vixen on their PERSON at worlds, but not on their teams.

      Not sure what I mean by *that*.
    1. DigitalFirefly's Avatar
      DigitalFirefly -
      That was supposed to be "trash can" not "team", stupid auto correct. ;-)
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Vixen ON a trash can eh?
    1. LastManOnEarth's Avatar
      LastManOnEarth -
      Cyborg: Exceptionally Gifted is listed twice: tier II and III.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Thanks, edited. PS, I'm leaving him Teir 2 Dave, I don't care if you care. :P
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      That's where he belongs.
    1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
      Vapedaveb -
      Great list. Kinda think Speedster is more tier II. I know personally if I seem him I take him first. If he has at least 2 dice.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Maybe I'll try it in a hybrid constructed event. I'll do some testing and let you know
    1. vonVile's Avatar
      vonVile -
      Hawkman: World's Fiercest Attacker needs to be in the same tier as Cheetah: Cursed Archaeologist. Their cards are exactly the same except Hawkman is "blocked" while Cheetah is "attacks."

      I don't expect any opponent in their right mind would allow Hawkman to get through to avoid taking only 1 damage from blocking him. This basically means Hawkman has the same effect as Cheetah giving auto-damage when she attacks and is blocked.
    1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
      Vapedaveb -
      but cheetah cannot be stopped in any way, but an opponent can simply let Hawkman threw to get him off the field and get him back into the bag for a minute. So I can see why he is not on the same level of Cheetah because you cannot stop the damage in any way in rainbow.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      In addition, Cheetah is a villain AND a bolt. Hawkman is only one. Cheetah keeps you open.
    1. Bigred92's Avatar
      Bigred92 -
      And cats eat birds, so there's that too.