• The Reserve Pool Sunday Edition: 5/18 - 5/24

    Contests Aplenty

    The biggest news for the site this week? Our big contest, where you could win your choice of one of five gravity feeds. How? Be active on the site! Do things like have your own blog. You can find all the details here.

    The Usual Suspects.

    Need podcasting fixes? Our second episode of The Attack Zone discusses DC Draft. In fact, if you're interested in more about the format, we have a draft tier list. These things are best for discussion purposes - much like chaos theory, the further away you are from the first pick the less useful they are.

    And while we're at it, Pat - aka Shadowmeld - continued his Rainbow Draft series, a worthy read for anyone drafting in any format, though this does focus on DC.

    Of course, The Reserve Pool came at you last Thursday and looked at the Justice League.

    Running Events

    We set up a feature table at an in-store organized play event last weekend. Tons of video! Check it out here. This was just our first event and we had seventeen people. Wow.

    In addition, when running your event, we recommend you use a team sheet. Find out why here!

    Everything old is new again

    Evan takes a look back at the heroic mechanism and what could have been done a little differently.

    Necromanticer takes advantage of our user blog format and looks back at Iron Man as well!

    We even look back while we look ahead! We had predictions for Age of Ultron some time ago - how'd we do? Randy tells us.