• Reading the Rainbow DC Draft Episode 9 A Beginner's Look

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about having nothing great to pick in your first packs, and what exactly you want to want to do with that. Rather than doing a similar repeat episode with Player 6's less than stellar pack, I decided to get another opinion in here. Everyone say "Hi." to the wife, Heidi.

    Heidi has learned to play Dice Masters recently, and likes the game, but really hasn't gotten a chance to play against anyone other than me. She's played about 4 full games and has a fascination for Harley Quinn. She has little to no CCG back ground, but is an avid gamer; both video and board games. Today, we are going to ask her to read up on Drafting DC (she'll be browsing episodes 1-3 just to get an idea of the set and some advice on drafting in general) and then taking a look at packs 1 then 2 and giving us her opinions on what she sees. Let's take a look at those packs.

    We opened our favorite Rainbow for her to peruse:

    Shadowmeld: "Ok, honey, before I go to ask you any questions, read over the cards and get an idea of which one you like, just like a quick glance choice."

    Heidi: "Ok... (minutes pass)... What is this even good for?"

    Shadowmeld: (without even looking at the card she was talking about) "That's Vixen, she's good for blinging children's bicycle spokes, or as kindling for a fire."

    After a few more minutes of looking, Heidi: "Ok, I think I've got this. I'm ready."

    Shadowmeld: "So, do you think you could pick characters out of this pack and make a decent team? If so, who would you pick."

    Heidi: "I think I could make a team out of this. I really like this Vibe card."

    Shadowmeld: "Huh."

    Heidi: "What? You think that's a bad choice don't you?"

    Shadowmeld: "Actually, I think you could make him work in a bolts team. He's not what i would have picked, but if that's the guy you like, excellent. Who else looks good to you? Remember we're just looking to get a good idea for when we come back to this pack. We get to see the next pack before we even pick our first card."

    Heidi: "Hrm. I like this Power Ring."

    Shadowmeld: "That's the one that is good against villain teams?"

    Heidi: "Right."

    Shadowmeld: "Ok. Now, let's look at the pack as if we were going to pick two cards from it and hope to get some synergy out of them. Is there a set of cards you think would combo well together?"

    Heidi: "Well there is Deathstroke and Cheetah, both are villains. But I don't want to pick Deathstroke, that guy hates me." (in one of our matches Deathstroke refused to roll a character face for her)

    Shadowmeld: "Anything else that combos well?"

    Heidi:"Well Vibe and Cheetah seem to work together, and Green Lantern also does damage to my opponent as well. I think I would look at those three to take."

    Shadowmeld: "OK, we'll take a look at our next pack then, and see if you can find a good team to make out of those choices."

    Shadowmeld: "Ok, take another second to read these."

    Heidi: (a few minutes later) "Ok, I'm ready."

    Shadowmeld: "What would you take from this pack?"

    Heidi: "I really like this Rare Lantern Power Ring. It lets me prep more than one die at a time. That is pretty strong."

    Shadowmeld: "If you took that what else would you want to take from this pack?"

    Heidi: "I think this Constantine is cheap and good, so I can get a few of him out there. Also I could just get another Vibe."

    Shadowmeld: "You're thinking about using the Vibe and the Lantern Power Ring together? You know Vibe does damage to your characters too right?"

    Heidi: "Huh? OH, it says ALL characters. Eh, no, that combo doesn't work the way I thought it would."

    Shadowmeld: "Is there another cheap character that you could pair with your Vibe to generate a nifty little combo?"

    Heidi: "Hrm, well Cheetah is kind of cheap. I could take Vibe and her and then from the other pack take Vibe and Constantine for cheap characters."

    Shadowmeld: "Who would you take first, Cheetah or the uncommon Vibe?"

    Heidi: "Probably Vibe."

    Shadowmeld: "Are you sure? Check your rainbow."

    Heidi: "Oh, there are only 3 Cheetahs, and there are 4 Vibes. This pack also has 2 uncommons. Yeah, I'll take the Cheetah first."

    Shadowmeld: "Alright, that's it for those two packs, let's take a look at what else you would draft"

    And, we did. Here is today's Bonus:
    From Player 1's packs Heidi drafted Catwoman common for it's ramp and Hawkman uncommon for his Bolts.
    From Player 2's packs Heidi drafted Hawkman uncommon and Firestorm uncommon, both for their bolts and cheap costs.
    From Player 3's packs Heidi drafted Green Lantern and uncommon Lantern Power Ring.

    This is the last article in the DC draft series. If you have any questions about the DC draft format or think I missed a critical point of the set, feel free to mention something below, that's what the comments here are for. I'm by far not always right, and can often miss a critical point about a card (like when I passed an uncommon Red Tornado thinking I didn't need him that much).

    Also, if you want to leave Heidi a comment here and tell her what you think of her draft team feel free. She reads my articles and might even be motivated to make her own TRP account to discuss the choices with you (if I'm lucky).

    Again, thanks for reading, and say hi in the comments below.
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      Hi Heidi!
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      Great idea getting Heidi to take part! Hope to see her again!
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      Great idea to bring in the extra help.....will try to get my better half, Natalie to join my blog from time to time!