• The Reserve Pool Sunday Edition: 5/25 - 5/31

    It's that time again! Let's highlight some things from around the Dice Masters Community! First - while this little feature is usually about the past, we have to point something big out: Origins is coming this week! This week, we had the chance to influence the future, with Dice Masters winning the Go7Gaming contest for a fancy storage box - joining excellent solutions from ZenBins and Daedalus Productions.

    Calling All Traders!

    People have been asking, and we heard you. Ken details our trade system here. Check it out and get trading!

    Spoiler Alert

    While we were sad to see that Age of Ultron won't be available at Worlds, we were happy to get a lot of information about future sets - AoU and DC War of Light. Both look awesome.

    Lots of info came to us thanks to The Dice Tower. Tom Vasel reviews Age of Ultron and shows many, many cards. Likewise, lots of news about War of Light came out this week. Give it a look here!

    Around the Site

    Thanks to @Indymon, we, in partnership with the fine folks at Dice Anon, gave our first recognition for the community fellowship award! Read all about Michael White and what makes him a great Dice Master right here!

    Finally, @Shadowmeld finished up his DC Drafting series and is beginning to ruminate on the next step. If you missed any of them, you should definitely read the whole thing. It'll help you prepare.

    Meanwhile, we have all kinds of podcasts and other things just for you, with more to come! Hope to see you at Origins!