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    With new sets come new mechanisms - that's been the rule so far, and Age of Ultron is no exception. The fact that there are items unique to each set does two things that I like. For starters, it adds additional ways to play and things to experiment with. It also gives people who just want that specific set something special that is only for them, as these abilities tend to work better in set.

    Unfortunately, one thing we know we won't get in this set is James Spader playing Ultron.

    So, lets take a look at what is new (or what is old but with a nifty name) in Age of Ultron Dice Masters! All of this can be referenced in the AoU rulebook.

    Tribalism, Continued

    We saw in the DC Dice Masters set how tribal abilities moved to the forefront of the game. Retaliation really set the stage for this.

    Age of Ultron really brings this forward, with affiliation taking the driver's seat for each of the two new abiltities.


    "Teamwatch abilities happen when a character with Teamwatch is active, and you field another character who has the same affiliation as them"

    To provide an example, Hawkeye is an Avenger with Teamwatch. His Teamwatch ability allows you do one damage to one opposing character when you field an Avenger, because they share that affiliation.

    This is a lot like heroic, except so much better because it's so much less situational. The other great thing is that Teamwatch characters don't care if this Avenger came from AVX, UXM, or some future Dice Masters set from the Marvel Universe. It will trigger.

    I expect that this one sees a lot of play and experimentation almost immediately, its effectiveness depending on what abilities make it into the set.


    "Teamwork: Teamwork abilities reward you for having characters that share an affiliation."

    This one could only have been inspired by the beloved organized play basic action shown here. The great thing about Teamwatch is that the ability itself doesn't care what affiliation or set you're using. As long as characters are affiliated, they're in! Consider this example, from the basic action card "Assemble":

    Search your bag for a character die and field it at level 1, ignoring the fielding cost. Teamwork Repeat this effect for another affiliated character.

    Unconvinced? How about "Ready to Rocket":

    Target character gets +2A until end of turn. Teamwork a 2nd target character gets +2A until end of turn if it is affiliated with the first target.

    These will work just as well with absolutely any set as it will this set, and that's pretty cool - the next best thing to seeing them take on a full-time role outside of the set.

    * * *

    Do Teamwatch and Teamwork strike your fancy? How are you looking forward to using them? Tell use below!
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    1. ONEone78's Avatar
      ONEone78 -
      i had a lot of fun with the Justice League synergy this weekend, i can't wait for that to be expanded to other teams!
    1. DigitalFirefly's Avatar
      DigitalFirefly -
      I'm not familiar with the term Tribalism in respects to this game. Is that just using synergy between team affiliations?
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFirefly View Post
      I'm not familiar with the term Tribalism in respects to this game. Is that just using synergy between team affiliations?
    1. elderdie's Avatar
      elderdie -
      One other thing I noticed if there is a villian with teamwork/watch that could be used with the DC villains as well.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Bolts could also be considered a tribe. As could alignment in DnD.
    1. Crestfallen's Avatar
      Crestfallen -
      I'm nearly beside myself waiting for this set. DM has become a perpetual cycle of anticipation. I'm sure as soon as I get it I'm going to be focusing on War of Light, and when that arrives, on to Spider-Man! Bring it on!