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    Welcome back folks. We wrapped up our DC draft series and are on to our next set. Deciding which set to do was a tough one, but when I really thought about it, it came down to one thing for me, what hasn't been covered. There are quite a few guides on drafting DnD, and even more on the Marvel sets in general, but one set that hasn't gotten a lot of analysis from a limited perspective is Yu Gi Oh. It helped that I was planning to buy a gravity feed of the set myself, and thus the decision was made.

    Today we are going to take a look at the economy situation in Yu Gi Oh so we can keep that in our minds, for next episode, when we start looking at the archetypes that exist in Yu Gi Oh draft.

    First, let's look at costs. In Yu Gi Oh we see some mold breaking cost set ups. First we have Morphing Jar with its 1 purchase cost, and a myriad of other low cost weenies like Injection Fairy and Sangan. Having this low cost army to purchase gives us a form of ramp. If we buy dice that can give us two energy, especially if they come in the form of easily killed weenies, then we can get our guys killed to ramp up for the bigger purchases.

    Speaking of bigger purchases, Yu Gi Oh has a large selection of 6+ characters to chose from. In fact, almost half of the set (54:50) is cards with a cost of 5+. With this broad spread of cards, we are likely going to want to try to ramp into some of the better high cost cards. There are a few reliable ways to ramp in this set, but those are generally rares like Blue-Eyes White Dragon (BEWD) or Thousand Dragon's globals. Other than that, ramp is done through highly situation abilities or having your characters KOed. The most reliable of the situational abilities is the "When fielded" abilities, such as the one on the common Time Wizard (Don't forget he was erratad).

    So, we know we have to ramp up, what are some common cards we might see that can help us do that? We already mentioned the Time Wizard common, but we could also mention the Dark magician common. He's a painful way to ramp and churn, but if he gets you that little extra you need to make a bigger purchase, then you're doing great. One thing to note though, he's already a 6 cost himself, so perhaps instead of buying him, we could have bought the thing we wanted anyway. This choice depends on the team you're building, but it is something to keep in mind. As for other common ramp tools, there really aren't any that actively help you ramp, but the action dice Trap Hole and Ring of Magnetism can give you dice that have quite reliable energy faces, always having two energy or their effect. Trap Hole can even be used to ramp one of your own characters so that next turn you can have a really big dice pool, while ring of magnetism is great for stopping your opponent's churn by allowing you to take a small amount of damage and fill his used pile with sidekicks.

    Speaking of ramp disruption, Yu Gi Oh has some seriously effective forms of it.. Ramp disruption can let you slow your opponent down and get time to build up your own ramp. Cards like uncommon and rare Morphing Jar can allow you to directly effect your opponent's ramp, while the Super Rare Thousand Dragon has an ability to punish your opponent's when you attack by sending all his characters KOed this turn to the used pile instead of the prep area. (still no image uploaded, we at the TRP have yet to get a 1000D SR)

    We talked about the few common ramp tools, but what else is there? What uncommons are there that we need to whirlwind slam so we can get our ramp going? How about uncommon Sangan or Mystic Elf? Sangan, with his low cost, is by far the better choice, but if you can get the slight ramp to the elf, she can really give you a good boost of resources, or help you wall your opponent. We can also look at the rare Breaker the Magical Warrior, if we want to build a fist team. He has a pretty solid raw effect if we're running an army of injection fairies.

    Lastly, we should talk about the Thousand Dragon Ritual. We already know that Time Wizard is a great ramp card, and we know that two of the Thousand Dragons can be pretty economical if we can ramp to them. But what is that ritual ability? If you have a Time Wizard and a Baby Dragon on the field, when you move to your attack step, you can "buy" a Thousand Dragon for the low low cost of prepping your Time Wizard and your Baby Dragon. This is basically a free 6-7 cost character, who we know has good ramp or anti ramp abilities. If you see the (harder to get) Thousand dragon in one of your packs, take him. Then grab a Time Wizard and a Baby Dragon (in that order if there is a choice). This combo, just for it's emphasis on ramp effects, can seriously put you ahead of your opponent.

    As a TL;DR grab those Thousand Dragon ritual pieces when you can, and the uncommon Sangan if you want to have any sort of ramp mechanic to get you to the big cards of this set.

    Thanks for following along, and if you have any questions or think I missed a good ramp card, lemme know in the comments below.
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    1. RJRETRO's Avatar
      RJRETRO -
      I always forget... are you a Yu-Gi-Oh! guy?

      I don't recognize many of the cards, but this is a good introduction to everything. Thanks man!
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Finally, a yugi-oh series. Looking forward to visiting it again.
    1. AlexPezzotta's Avatar
      AlexPezzotta -
      Thousand dragon's fusion, black lusters the ritual, but cool intro to your next series. I can't wait to see the next article.
    1. BenSaidScott's Avatar
      BenSaidScott -
      Are you all still missing a 1000D super rare?