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    I was just cruising around on our forums the other day, and noticed some players gravitate towards specific sets. Also, new players are always asking “Where’s a good place to start?” or “I missed this set, what cards are good?” Then, there are players who have the groundwork laid for a good team, and just want to make it better somehow. So, I’m going to do my part. I’m going to start at the beginning, and go through every global ability. That’s right, every single global from Avenger vs X-Men all the way to Justice League. Sometimes having that one global is the difference between being caught off guard and being prepared. My next few articles will go through every set, one at a time, and give some examples of what works well with these globals, and why some of them aren’t that great. First up is AvX. Let’s get this show on the road.

    Human Torch. I’ve seen this referred to as “HTG”. So, when you see it in a forum post, this is what they are talking about. First, you need an action die or global ability that deals damage. In AvX we have basic actions that deal damage in Power Bolt and Force Beam. In following sets there are plenty of basic actions that do similar things as these two (Reckless Melee, Magic Missile, etc). There are a few globals that let you damage characters for a single energy (that we will talk about in the coming articles). This one does the same thing, but needs an extra requirement first. However, an extra damage to your opponent for a single … that’s probably more useful. So that Power Bolt can deal three damage to your opponent. My favorite use of this global is combining it with the global that appears on all three versions of Dungeons and Dragons’ Red Dragon. When you use these two globals together, you effectively pay full price for an action die, but also deal two damage to your opponent. If you were going to buy the action anyways, why not take 1/10 of your opponent’s life away in the process?

    Iron Man. This global ability is basically a one-for-one trade off of and life whenever you’re damaged. To get the most bang for your buck, you would want to be able to redirect that damage to a character that has a “when damaged” ability, like any of the various AvX Hulks. However, any character will do in a pinch to keep yourself from taking damage. This one is a little less useful, especially when compared to other global abilities in this set that we’ll get to later (Vibranium Shield). This global requires a very specific team, and a very specific opposing team in order to be effective.

    Distraction. I hate this card. I hate this global. I want to burn it. This global was instrumental in the Beast-wall strategies during the early life of AvX. This global was used to just drag the game on forever. I do like this global when used with “when attacks” or “when blocked” abilities though. Another AvX card this had some great success with is Cyclops, If Looks Could Kill. Attack with Cyclops, do four, five, or six damage to all opposing characters, then bring Cyclops back. More recently, the common Elf Wizard in BFF is another card that can have some fun use with the Distraction global. (Which I’ve seen used as a verb, as “I’m going to pay and Distract this character back.”)

    Invulnerability. This one is fun, but really didn’t become lethal until UXM came out and we got a hold of Iceman, Too Cool For Words. So you pay and get lots of s, then use all of those s to pump up the attack value of a character with this global. Keep in mind, it’s always nice to wait until blockers are declared before using this global. On more than one occasion I’ve had more attackers than my opponent block. So I attacked with everyone, and the one character that gets through unblocked can suddenly have a few extra points of attack. Especially lethal when used to pump up the attack of an Avenger, before they deal damage twice, thanks to Nick Fury, Patch.

    Smash! This global had some use here and there while trying to keep some blockers alive. But now, with the advent of Overcrush, this global could become very important. If you use this global on a character with Overcrush once they have been blocked, you would not receive any Overcrush damage. This could become VERY important moving forward. There’s also a combo that this can play a part in with Phoenix, Jeannie. Attack with Jeannie, force a character to block her, then use this global on your own Jeannie ensuring that she doesn’t knock out the character she’s engaged with. But like I said, I think this global has its brightest and most useful days ahead of it.

    Take Cover. There’s not very many times when giving a character an extra point or two of defense is needed. Maybe it could come in handy against Overcrush, but if I had to choose between this and Smash for dealing with it, I’d take Smash every time. I’ve found a few uses for this with UXM’s Ant-Man, Pym Particles global. Take a high defense character, give them some extra defense, then flip the attack and defense when they attack. It might not be the most energy efficient, but it’s pretty fun to pull off.

    Mr. Fantastic. This global is also on his rare. Forcing characters to attack can play in to many different strategies. You can force an attacker so you can trigger your own character’s “when blocks” ability. You can force a character to attack and let them through just to get them off the field. The fact that this uses energy can either help or hurt you, depending on how you look at it. If you’re saving s for PXG, then you obviously already have s on hand to spend on this ability. On the other hand, if you’re desperately relying on those s for PXG, then you do NOT want this global, since your energy could be a very limited resource.

    Phoenix. This global is also on her uncommon and rare. Hey! What do you know? This is the exact same ability we just mentioned above, but this time for a energy. I prefer this one, because of Iceman, Too Cool For Words. So there’s rarely a shortage of energy. Not much else to say, since I just said it above. Moving on.

    Silver Surfer. This global is also on his uncommon and rare. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this one, because he was so important on my early AvX teams. Even though Resurrection has the same effect without taking damage, this guy still has uses. First, and foremost, it’s a Hulk trigger. Sometimes things in play can keep you from using globals on characters that could directly damage Hulk. This one doesn’t target a character, so, no worries there. And that could be HUGE. Like with Distraction, I've seen this global used as a verb, "I'm going to pay a and Surf for a die."

    Venom. Black Widow, Hulk, and Ant-Man are just a couple of characters you could very easily see and spin down to more easily knock out. Just be very careful when when spinning characters down, that you don't accidently give an opposing character a bonus with a burst face. This global could be excellent with the rare Vibe from JL. You just can't guarantee that you will see characters across the playmat.

    War Machine. This global is also on his uncommon and rare. Meh. I really liked this ability the first time I saw it. But, not only did I fail to realize it was only able to be played a single time in response, but I also over-valued the importance of life gain in this game. Maybe a character with Overcrush or direct damage capabilities could take advantage of this, but I really think this global is one that will fall by the wayside.

    Mjolnir. This global is also on the uncommon and rare. One word: obsolete. There are two cards now with a global that does this same effect, for exactly half the cost. A single for one damage to a character is better than for one damage to a character.

    Vibranium Shield. This global is also on the uncommon and rare. I thought this global was a little lame for the longest time. But it has one thing going for it: versatility. It can protect a character or player. You can save that one special character or spend some energy to save your own health. I think it’s very situational though. It has to be on a team with an abundance of characters. I think I might actually like to play with this a little more though. Low cost characters like Angel or Constantine would be good for this team. I digress. But I do think this global could seriously play a role in the future.

    Doctor Doom. Here’s a way to KO a character without dealing damage to them. That could be very important when going against a character like Hulk. (I know I’ve mentioned him a lot, but in competitive play you see him. A lot.) Unlike energy though, there’s no way to manufacture energy. And I really wish there was. You need a Villain in the field for it to work… but that can easily happen with the help of a few different globals.

    Magneto. This global is also on the rare. Having trouble with your opponent’s Villain team? This should take care of it. Of course, it’s only a 50/50 chance of getting rid of that character. And it uses the precious energy needed for PXG. So, you might not want to reroll every opposing Villain that sees the field, but there’s a few that might be worth the energy. Also, I’ve always wondered if it could be worth it to bring this along with a global that can turn a character in to a Villain. You could essentially pay two energy to reroll any character that isn’t already a Villain, and get rid of it if it comes up energy. A steep cost, but surely there are some opposing characters that you might pay the two energy to reroll.

    Green Goblin. Last but not least, here’s the character commonly referred to as NOGG (Norman Osborn Green Goblin… because it rolls off the tongue a little better than “GGNO”). Much like the Silver Surfer’s global, this one is near and dear to me. It did two things. One, get a sidekick to your prep area. Two, damage a character. Very rarely did you need it to do both. Since it came out, the global has basically been broken up. We see the ability to pay and KO ANY of our characters, not just a Sidekick, sending it to the prep (This is found on the rare Blue Eyes White Dragon, and it also reduces the cost of your next purchase.) Then we see globals with the ability to directly damage characters, with Magic Missile or the rare Slifer the Sky Dragon. More often than not, a single damage would have done the same job for me as the two damage it dealt. I was either triggering my own Hulk, Green Goliath sweeping my opponent’s side. Or I was damaging another of my own Sidekicks, send a second Sidekick to my prep area. This global is still good, but I think it’s been improved upon and simplified in more recent sets.

    Thought? Comments? Sound off below. Check in next time as we look at the Uncanny X-Men global abilities. And roll on.
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    1. GRider10's Avatar
      GRider10 -
      Stupid distraction. I do use invulnerabiliy a lot and have used the global on many occasions. The magneto global also puts a fun spin on villain games. Thanks for the review.
    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      I too share your hate of distraction, but its one fun usage that I've found is with either Gaia the Fierce Knight or Obelisk the Tormentor. If you can force/trick your opponent into blocking them, you can distract them back for major damage. If you don't want to do that, just go with Overcrush like Thrown Car and finally get use out of that Righteous Charge you never thought you'd use!
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Great write-up @Randy . Will be very helpful to point this article out to any new players I meet who are just coming onto the scene