• Origins Age of Ultron/War of Light Gravity Feed/Starter Spoilers

    Hey there TRPers! While we're all probably aware by now that Dave will be at Origins, he's not the only person I know who will be there - our old friend Katie is on site presently as well! She's taken some time to get me some pictures of the Dice Masters stuff they had on display...which includes the Age of Ultron and War of Light starters and gravity feeds!

    While we'd seen the AoU starter fairly thoroughly already, it looks like there's a few new points to glean from the gravity feed, and we hadn't seen either for War of Light in any real level of detail before now so there's a bit to learn there as well! Unfortunately, Katie is on the short side, and a lot of the stuff of interest was sort of high up (and naturally in a case), so the pictures aren't as super clear as we might want for dissecting cards, but we'll do what we can and thank Katie anyway! You may want to click the images to zoom in for a clearer look.

    Age of Ultron Gravity Feed

    Here we can see Loki, Daredevil, Phil Coulson, Rocket Raccoon, Jocasta, Baron Zemo, Star Lord, and Maria Hill. I think we'd learned that most of these characters were going to be in the set already, but I believe we hadn't seen that Star Lord is a Fist yet. Not sure I'm entirely down with that, he feels like more of a Mask or Bolt to me. Still, we have some card costs here - looks like Coulson has at least one cheap card, as does Daredevil. Only one six and one five out of eight cards - makes me think we might see a purchase cost curve more like DC's.

    War of Light Starter

    Here's a look at the War of Light starter! I'm...unfortunately probably not the best person to try and figure out who we've got this time around, though obviously Batman and Green Lantern are there. I believe the red die next to Green Lantern is Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern - as you can see if you scroll down, that die is next to one of his cards on the gravity feed. I am told that the blue die may be Kyle Rayner; I have no idea who that is so I'll take Randy and Dave's word for it. Otherwise...I am stumped! DC fans, show me up.

    War of Light Gravity Feed

    We've got a few characters (sorta) identified here! As mentioned before, there's Guy Gardner, proudly flaunting the Villain affiliation, so safe bet he's a Red Lantern. Below him is a fellow named Larfleeze, who I have literally never heard of but Dave tells me is very popular, so I'm sure this is welcome news to many. Below them is someone named Parallax, who Dave was excited to see, and below them is Wonder Girl, who alsong with Guy Gardner, are the two characters I know on the GF box. DC isn't my strong point, and I apologize in advance to DC fans .

    If someone is eagle-eyed enough to make out the card text on any of these guys, we'd be all ears. Larfleeze looks like he does something with bolts, and Wonder Girl has a burst ability - that's about the best I can do.

    That's our sneak peek of the upcoming gravity feeds/starters - with any luck, they'll shift them around a little over the course of the convention and Katie (or Dave, or another intrepid TRP fan!) will be able to get us better pictures. Stay tuned!
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    1. Crestfallen's Avatar
      Crestfallen -
      Nice! July and August, that's two sets practically back to back. I need a new job.
    1. alphans's Avatar
      alphans -
      They might still be trying to get ASM out this year with TMNT.
    1. CBattles6's Avatar
      CBattles6 -
      Okay, I'll try to do my best with the DC pictures.

      Starter Set (L-R, top to bottom):
      [No idea], Kyle Rayner (Blue Lantern), Green Lantern, Guy Gardner (Red Lantern), Batman (Sinestro Corps), Anti-Monitor (Sinestro Corps), [No idea], [No idea].

      Dice from side of gravity feed (from top L):
      1) Dark green mask die: John Stewart (Green Lantern)
      2) Purple die with starburst: Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)
      3) Purple die with lance: Fatality (Star Sapphire)
      4) Blue die with elephant head: Warth (Blue Lantern)
      5) Yellow die with hat: Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps)
      6) Red die with hood: Spectre (Red Lantern)?
      7) Yellow die with Sinestro Corps logo: Sinestro
      8) Orange die: Larfleeze
      9) Dark blue die with circle logo: Indigo-1 (Indigo Tribe)
      10) Blue die with Flash logo: Flash (Blue Lantern)
      11) Dark blue die with atom: Atom (Indigo Tribe)
      12) Purple die with W: Wonder Woman (Star Sapphire)
      13) Purple die with ring: The Predator?
      14) Green die with paw print: Beast Boy
      15) Black die with bird: Raven
      16) Dark green die with ring: Lantern Power Ring?
    1. Shin76e's Avatar
      Shin76e -
      There's a red die there with a familiar shield shape an the red lantern logo.
      That's most likely supergirl. Who in the new 52 is a member of the red lanterns. It would've been nice to see superboy prime. He was a big character in the original story.
    1. shadowcat129's Avatar
      shadowcat129 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shin76e View Post
      There's a red die there with a familiar shield shape an the red lantern logo.
      That's most likely supergirl. Who in the new 52 is a member of the red lanterns. It would've been nice to see superboy prime. He was a big character in the original story.
      I believe that the original press release lists Superboy Prime as one of the characters.

      It will be weird if we get Red Lantern Supergirl before regular Supergirl but it would still be cool to get her.
    1. Shin76e's Avatar
      Shin76e -
      even better SB prime was a wrecking machine in the story. I wonder if they'll throw in Hank Henshaw AKA cyborg superman!
    1. Zauriel's Avatar
      Zauriel -
      We've seen these 17 Characters on cards, and we know what their dice look like:
      Anti-Monitor (Retailer starter set solicitation)
      Batman (GTM article)
      The Flash (WizKids Facebook post)
      Guy Gardner (Box art)
      Hal Jordan (Retailer solicitation)
      John Stewart (Retailer solicitation)
      Kyle Rayner (GTM)
      Lantern Battery (GTM)
      Larfleeze (Box art)
      Lex Luthor (Retailer solicitation)
      Lyssa Drak (GTM)
      Parallax (Box art)
      Sinestro (Retailer solicitation)
      Starfire (Facebook)
      Warth (GTM)
      Wonder Girl (Box art)
      Wonder Woman (Facebook)
      [running count:17]

      From press releases, we can also confirm the following 8 characters:
      The Atom (die also pictured on side of gravity feed)
      Atrocitus (incorrectly spelled in GTM, but it counts) (die pictured on facebook)
      Beast Boy (die shown on side of gravity feed)
      Jade (her die might be the small GL symbol in a white circle on a green die, under the S in DICE MASTERS on the starter set)
      Kilowog (die shown on front of gravity feed and starter box)
      Mogo (his die might be the white GL symbol in a green circle/planet on a white die on the right border of the window of the starter set)
      Raven (die shown on side of gravity feed)
      Superboy Prime (die shown on side of gravity feed)
      [running count: 25]

      From the Facebook post, we can likely add the other three Corps' leaders, based on pictures of their dice sporting their Corps' logos:
      Saint Walker
      Star Sapphire
      (Atrocitus' die appears here, too, but is strangely the only leader not represented by his corps' symbol. Odd...)
      [running count: 28]

      Additional dice that are easily identified include:
      Fatality (White battle staff on dark pink die)
      Mera (yellowish/gold crown on red die)
      Scarecrow (brown hat on yellow die)
      Spectre (yellowish hood on red die)
      [running count: 32]

      In the pictures, that leaves:
      An Orange Indigo lantern staff on a dark purple die (Almost has to be Munk, but I could be wrong) (seen in the top left of the "dice pile", but easier to see on the front of the starter set)
      A Power ring on an olive-coloured action die (no fancy idea here beside 'Lantern Power Ring') (bottom right corner die in the pile)
      A messy/pointy red circle on a light pink die (Queen Aga'po? Miri? Predator? something else? I can't even make out the correct orientation, so my guesses are just that) (bottom left corner)
      A Sinestro symbol in a black circle on a yellow die (Arkillo, perhaps?) (top right corner of the pile)
      [running count: 36]

      This leaves 4 dice that have not been pictured, or are too cut off in the packaging images to know that they are unique.
      I'm guessing the four Black Lanterns (Batman's dice is pictured on facebook; Aquaman's was in the GTM release) are only Super-Rares, and not part of the 40 commons, so I didn't count those.
      Who else am I missing?
      Of the Deputy Lanterns, we've accounted for all except Ganthet.
      Of the New Guardians, we've accounted for all except Bleez and Glomulus.
      Trouble is, there are only 3 spaces for card names from A-K left in the 16 spots before card #51 ('Kyle Rayner').
      We can't fit Arkillo, Bleez, Ganthet & Glomulus into three spots. Some or all of these will not be in the set. Bleez in particular gets a strike, because The Spectre seems to be taking up a Red Lantern roster slot, instead of Dex-Starr or someone with more appeal.
      If my olive 'Lantern Power Ring' action is named like the one in JL (despite having new die art) it takes card slot #53, and fills out the L's nicely between #52 ('Lantern Battery') and #56 ('Lyssa Drak')
      My mystery purple staff (it has to be Munk!) and my mystery star sapphire seem to be latter-half, alphabetically, then. This still leaves an open slot for someone who's name starts with M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U or V. Helpful clue, I know.
      Green Lanterns seem under-represented, at just 4 (though not as poor a showing as the Orange Lanterns; we assumed they couldn't produce more than three, and 2 could well be their max). There was also this line in the GTM article: "Some fan-favorite Green Lanterns will be making their first appearance in Dice Masters as well, so get ready for Jade, Kilowog, Mogo, and more."
      "And more..." seems disingenuous, if we only have one additional Green Lantern, but I'm ready to rule out fan-favourites that start with Abi-; Ari-; Boo-; Ch'-; Gal-; Gra-; Han-; Kat-; Lai-; ...
      That could leave Salaak; Morro; Tomar-Tu (not -Re); Soranik Natu; Sodam Yat; or Stel? Hardly as impressive a list as the first half of the alphabet...
      But, maybe the article lied (it did mess up some points on rules and spell Atrocitus wrong, after all), and Syed fills out our 4th Orange Lantern roster spot to give us an even 4 red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet lanterns. We'd also get a full 8-member Sinestro Corps Dice Masters team, right out of the box so-to-speak. Oof. They are heavily represented here. Parallax really caught me off-guard, and will make a very strange inclusion if he's the only Entity of the seven to appear.

      Either way, I can't wait for more spoilers!
    1. Crestfallen's Avatar
      Crestfallen -
      @Zauriel , what 8 characters do you think are in the starter? I've got Batman, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Anti-Monitor. Any idea of the purple and orange/brown dice are (cf. this pic)?
    1. Zauriel's Avatar
      Zauriel -
      Quote Originally Posted by Crestfallen View Post
      @Zauriel , what 8 characters do you think are in the starter? I've got Batman, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Anti-Monitor. Any idea of the purple and orange/brown dice are (cf. this pic)?
      Yep! I found something awesome:
      Retailer solicitation
      Guy Gardner
      Hal Jordan
      John Stewart
      Kyle Rayner
      Lex Luthor

      Lots and lots of Earthlings with power rings

      Also, here's a better picture of the box for you:
      Starter set
      You can see that Lex's die is orange with green ink

      Thank you for your note on the wiki page, by the way, to the pictures of the print article.