• Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 2 Archetypes

    Welcome back folks. Last time we opened our series with a look at the Yu Gi Oh economy, how to build a solid ramp and what cards to definitively snag in a draft. Now that we know how we are planning on affording the cards in our Yu Gi Oh draft, let's take a look at what it is we want to buy. Today we are going to discuss the archetypes of Yu Gi Oh draft that we can build our teams around. Unlike DC these are less obvious archetypes. No helpful JLA or Villains icons to make our decisions easier. We do have an archetype similar to DC bolts, the YGO Fists, but other than that the Archetypes are more subtle, let's take a look.

    We have already mentioned Fist monsters (in YGO monster means character), so let's take a look there first. These three examples of fist synergy are some of the strongest synergy in the entire set. La-jinn is cheap to buy for his stats and has a significant fielding issue, but with his ability, fielding him at level 1 means you can spin him up by fielding other fist characters. Black Luster Soldier gives your other fist characters a decent boost when he attacks, meaning your army of cheap fist characters (Injection Fairy and Man-Eater Bug for example) get that small boost to their effectiveness. Lastly, Breaker the Magical warrior gives you a type specific ramp mechanic that will help you churn that army of Fist weenies out faster than your opponent can handle them.

    Some of you may be looking at these and saying, this synergy is kind of meh. I agree, to a point. YGO as a set, isn't about synergy. It's not about grabbing cards that are good because of other cards you grab, it's about grabbing cards that are good all on their own. Fists, while it has some elements of synergy, isn't just about grabbing any old fist character. In fact, more important than the fist characters above, is to grab the low cost efficient fist characters like common injection Fairy and Man-Eater Bug or better yet, the Blade Knight uncommon, with it's Overcrush ability. To reiterate, cheap and powerful is a better draft strategy in this set, than cheap and synergistic.

    There are some synergies, that work though. We mentioned the Thousand Dragon Fusion in our economy set, but I'd be remiss not mentioning it here as well. If you see any of the Thousand Dragon cards, take them, if only for the simple reason that someone else won't be able to complete their fusion without it. Meanwhile the Thousand Dragon pieces are also very good cards. Baby Dragon is cheap and efficient, while Time Wizard is one of the better ramp cards in the set. Together they make for a great three card combo, but even individually the pieces are cheap efficient and able to do their jobs alone.

    We mentioned Baby Dragon, if you notice, he's a pretty cheap, efficient bolt character. Bolts have a small cluster of synergy, mostly centered around Summoned Skull. If you are able to snag the Rare Summoned skull in a draft, he can be a card you can build a team around. The hard part though is grabbing enough Baby Dragons to build around him, as Baby Dragon is the core of several different archetypes. The uncommon Summoned Skull isn't bad either for picking up after you grab some cheaper bolt characters, he can give you a target to build to, and allow you to chip away at your opponent's wall while building up. As you can see, bolts isn't much of an archetype here, but there are definitely some decent combos we can generate with them.

    Speaking of bolt characters. All of the dragons in this set are bolt characters. Dragons themselves can also be made into a sort of archetype. With enough low cost Baby Dragon cards, you could afford to build into the Curse of Dragon while keeping your Baby's safe with Lord of D. You could also grab the rare Lord of D. for some dragon pump that your opponent might not be able to use. One sided globals are always a plus.

    Even if we don't get the Curse of Dragon, building around the plan to field a dragon as our win condition is perhaps a solid plan, especially if the dragon is cheap enough that it's not a huge stretch. This Red-Eyes has just enough of a power spike, that if we used Horn of the Unicorn or Anger Issues on him the turn he comes out, he could crush his way to victory.

    Remember, have a plan, buy cheap early, then synergy, then round out our team filling in the curve gaps. YGO is about buying efficiently and beating your opponent with solid play and purchase choices.

    Next time we will take a look at our first pack, I'm eager to get this set started.