• Worlds Day One Wrap

    When I got to the room tonight, there were lots of discussions about what things were out there today. Some teams have been shared already and more will come out over the next few days, but if you want to know: The only consistency was inconsistency.

    To paraphrase Indy Mon, there were just lots of really good creative teams piloted by good players. And they’re competitive.

    You know what that means? This is the time to get into the game. Now. If you have people who were on the fence, or if you yourself were on the fence because you thought things were too narrow, things are a-changing. There are all kinds of things being used. I saw someone on Facebook complain that the game is basically 20 cards. Look at today - no way.

    Get people in NOW. There are five sets, they’re all awesome. Get a common/uncommon set and play. Get others in. Give them a few spare Cs and Us and drag them in - the first one is free, right? Get them in.

    There were non-PXG teams. There were anti-PXG teams. There were dragons, kobolds, and all sorts of things.

    The game is ALIVE. The game is VIBRANT. Day one shows it. Get out there and roll!
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    1. Meatman's Avatar
      Meatman -
      It's funny...your first line conjured up images for me...when you walked into the room...were you greated with a large chorus of "DAVE!"...?

      ...Dave is to Dice Masters, as Norm is to Cheers...

      I've been one of the nay-sayers [constructively, of course ] on the TRP forums and elsewhere about how static I thought the game was becoming at the competitive level, expecting to not see much more than the "AVX+PXG" meta that seemed ever-present at the Nationals tourneys. It sounds like I'm going to be proven wrong though...which I am quite glad about actually. Will be really interesting to see, out of all these diverse teams, who ends up on top in the end.

      Good luck @Dave ...do us proud!
    1. owLy's Avatar
      owLy -
      Loving the enthusiasm, Dave. All the best for the remainder of the event
    1. The Rev's Avatar
      The Rev -
      I got top 8 day one, I am looking forward to playing in the finals.
    1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
      Vapedaveb -