• UXM OP Month One Contest Winners!

    Well the contest end date has come and gone, and with the fury of Origins taking over the podcast, we get a nice long-form article for going over who won. The theme for this contest was, well...theme teams! Our entrants picked a theme - my example was, of course, Characters Who Have An Interest In Pants - and then ran with it, picking characters and cards to make a team. We had ten runners-up and three grand prize winners this time, with the runners-up winning a copy of Marvel Girl: Humanity, and the grand prize winners winning that as well as Emma Frost: White Queen and Phoenix: Dark Phoenix.

    Who are our winners and what did they send in? Let's see!


    Lars Emil Larsen sent in The Girl Power Team:

    1. Black Widow - Natural: The character name (Black Widow) says it all, and the card "deals" with anyone who messes (engages in a fight) with her.
    2. Phoenix - Jeannie: She is the embodiment of the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Auro-include on a girl power team. And the card basically smacks everyone around.
    3. Storm - Wind-Rider: She "blows everyone away" (pun intended), and she's my favorite X-Men character.
    4. Emma Frost - Archvillain: Because diamonds are a girl's best friend. And this card is the most diamond-thematic of the three.
    5. Marvel Girl - Telepath: Because most women want their men to know what they think - this girl can!
    6. Black Canary - Dinah Laurel Lance: Because a strong and powerful woman has a "strong" and confident voice to tell the world what she thinks.
    7. Wonder Woman - Warrior Princess: Well duh! Of course she NEEDS to be on a girl power team and the card makes her able to force other people to do what she wants - indicative of strong women.
    8. Sue Storm: An honorable mention to the one who never were. An open, empty spot meant for Sue Storm signifies all the strong and powerful women who are overlooked and underappreciated.
    There's certainly a lot of notable women in comic books, and while we've got some of them, there's still a lot to come (and I'm not just talking about Sue Storm). Thanks for the entry, Lars!

    Matthew P sent in a Spider-verse team! His team was Silk (The Bride), SP//dr (Mecha Robot), Superior spider-man (Mastermind), Captain Universe (Spider-Man), Spider-Man 2099 (Out of time), Spider-Man UK (Dimensional Protector), May Parker (Mayday), and Spider-man (Leader), and he provided ample description of both the characters and how he thought their DM forms might be - especially relevant, given the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man set!

    Z suggested the Justice League Dark:

    My thematic team is the Justice League Dark; featuring Constantine Hellblazer, Deadman Boston Brand, Swamp Thing Part of the Green and Zatanna Zatanna Zarara. Who are all members of the Justice League Dark comic series.
    This team has a nice energy curve, the chosen characters embody the comic thematically as Constantine is the Hellblazer and he has his love interest Zatanna. Deadman is represented being able to possess body’s in the form of Boston Brand and Swamp Thing part of the Green helps fight against Blight.

    We could take this a little further and add the basic action Pandora’s Box and even Superman and Batman as they team up with JL Dark.
    I'm about as familiar with JL Dark as I am the rest of the DCU, but they sound pretty interesting.

    Dave Stoner sent in a team formed around his favorite comic book story, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills.

    Interestingly, while in the story the X-Men preach non-violence, here they are extremely aggressive with several removal options to set up Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus as battering rams. Big weakness is against Distraction, so hopefully Stryker doesn't have that ability.

    Here's the lineup: Cyclops: If Looks Could Kill, Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten, Storm: Wind-Rider, Colossus: Russian Bear, Nightcrawler: Fuzzy Elf, Kitty Pryde: Ariel, Prof. X: RYM, Cerebro: Cybernetic Intelligence, Relentless, Polymorph
    Tom Allen had a bit of a process going making his team:

    After reading the post my first thought was "What team can I build thematically with Punisher?" I used my limited comic knowledge (aka Google & Wikipedia) as well as my knowledge of the board game Marvel Legendary to stumble upon a Marvel Knights team. To my surprise there are tons of characters that in some way shape or form tied into that branding but three were in the game so those 3 became must haves on the team, Punisher, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider. Since you guys are requesting at least 4 the last member will be Black Panther.

    So I ended up with a Marvel Knights team and based on the cards in the game (all have black as part of their dice) seems like I put together a dark team. Below are the exact cards I would choose only because they are my favorites.

    Punisher - McRook, Ghost Rider - Brimstone Biker, Black Panther - Wakanda Chief, Deadpool - Jack
    Punisher is (was? I haven't actually been keeping up with comics for a while, and I believe he was on his way out) also a member of the Thunderbolts' current incarnation. Unfortunately, the only members of that we have so far are Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Deadpool - no Leader, Mercy, Agent Venom, or Elektra. Someday, perhaps!

    Heather Beck is to the point:

    My team will include Professor X Trainer, Red Tornado Andriod, Deadman Embracing Life and last but not least Lex Luther, Billionaire Industrialist. The theme is" Bald is Beautiful and Rare".
    Now, I have hair like a shag carpet - hopefully this will stay the case for quite some time - but I can get behind this team. Thanks, Heather!

    Jonathan Snodgrass gives us the Masters of the Mystic Arts: Dr Strange, Loki, Dr Doom, Elf Wizard, Scarlet Witch, Zatanna, Dark Magician, and Mystical Elf. Two, two elves, ah ah ah!

    Von Vile gives us The Billionaires' Club: Batman - The Dark Knight, Green Arrow - Oliver Queen, Iron Man - Billionaire, Lex Luthor - Billionaire Industrialist, Mr. Fantastic - Brilliant Scientist, Pick Your Battles, and Resurrection. He actually goes into detail about how you'd use these characters together, and it sounds like a fairly coherent team even with the limitation of taking characters that best fit the public persona of each particular character. I think that's pretty neat!

    Chris Murray is a pun-maker, and I approve of this:

    Team "cat"-astrophy: Catwoman, Cheetah, Kitty Pride, Black Panther

    One a side note I hate Kitty Pride. My friend fields her all the time (the unblockable one when fielded) and I have taken to calling her "litter box".
    Star Lord disapproves, -1. (They're married now, apparently.)

    Katie K gives us Good Time, a team built from her fondest memories of reading X-Men comics: Storm: African Priestess, Kitty Pryde: Ariel, Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten (Though who wouldn't love Canucklehead if they've got it), Nightcrawler: Circus Freak, Beast: Mutate #666, Psylocke: Kwannon the Assassin, Cyclops: Optic Blast, and Iceman: Mr. Friese. Certainly looks to me like a lineup of the core classic X-Men!


    Our first winner is David Blank who...actually presented the exact same (down to the card selection!) team as Z - Constantine Hellblazer, Deadman Boston Brand, Swamp Thing Part of the Green and Zatanna Zatanna Zarara. He recognized them not as Justice League Dark so much as members of DC's Vertigo line, which focused on more adult-themed stories and includes greats like Sandman and Transmetropolitan (both of which are worth a read, if you haven't).

    Aaron Partida gives us a CW-themed team: CW Universe/Arrow-verse. Here is the team: Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Cold, Deathstroke, Firestorm, Katana, The Flash, The Atom. He also mentions that Vibe could be included, though he doesn't have his powers yet in the show,; similarly Vixen, who has an upcoming cartoon tie-in. There's a number of other characters that have shown up in the CW universe, but alas - we don't have cards for them yet!

    Sean Johnson gives us the Hammer Wielders, where all of the characters in this team are people who have somehow wielded Mjolnir in a comic book at least one time.

    Mjolnir-Thor's Hammer: This is the hammer that unites the team, and is thus an auto include. Thor's hammer will mean the board is empty of small blockers.
    Storm-Lady Liberator: This is the team's primary combo. When Thor's hammer clears her off the board, she redirects two damage right to the opponent. She briefly wielded the hammer one time to break Loki's spell.
    Black Widow- Tsarina: Black Widow is the one two drop on the team, and thus the guaranteed first turn buy. She wielded the hammer in an Age of Ultron "What if" story.
    Captain America-Follow Me: Getting the heavy hitters out might be problematic, so the Captain helps with those fielding cost. Captain America has been found worthy to wield the hammer on two different occasions.
    Magneto-Will to Live: With all of the damage the hammer will be doing being able to get characters out quickly will help. The fact that Magneto always goes to prep helps with that. Magneto wielded the hammer in the Ultimate universe. He technically cheated by messing with magnetic properties but he was able to successfully wield it in an evil plot so that counts.
    Wonder Woman-warrior princess: She adds little utility to the team, but she wielded the hammer in the DC vs. Marvel mini-series so she has to be on here because theme.
    Thor-God of Thunder: If the opponent has any fist characters, then Thor is the main closer.
    Superman-Last Son of Krypton: This is other closer option. It is no surprise that Superman, being the intergalactic paragon of virtue, was also found worthy to wield the hammer in the Marvel vs. DC miniseries.
    Man, with how much of a deal they make about the hammer in the new movie, it seems like almost everyone's wound up using it at some point. Still, great idea for a team!

    With that, that's all our winners. Congratulations to you all, and winners - keep an eye on your email for instructions on how to get your prizes!
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      MatchesMalone -
      Hey, I won. Awesome!!
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      ToaEmpoleon -
      WOOT! I won some! I loved all the teams, the hammer wielders were great. I wonder how long it'll be till Vision uses Mjolnir in the comics to line it up with the cinematic universe.
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      jigsawhc -
      Congrats to the winners!
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      Yes I won! thank You TRP!

      @TRPEvan , Hey I have been mulling this in my head for a minute now. Z and I came up with the same list. Different reasons. So I would if that is OK split my prize, How about I get the Emma Frost and Marvel Girl and Z gets Dark Phoenix and Marvel Girl. If that is OK with Z, and you guys of course.
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      I am fine with that if they are!
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      Green Knight -
      Hey @Vapedaveb , that would be awesome to split the prize, thank you. My email shows as Z, that me. Crazy we came up with the same team dude! It makes sense.