• The Reserve Pool Sunday Edition: 6/1 - 6/7

    Another week in the books, and man… this one was a doozy! We actually had an incredibly diverse week, touching on just about every Dice Masters set in some way.

    We started it off with @Dave digging in a little deeper to the new keywords we will see in the upcoming Age of Ultron set: Teamwatch and Teamwork.

    @Shadowmeld gave us parts 1 and 2 of Reading the Rainbow Yu-Gi-Oh Draft.

    @Randy, yours truly, took a look at every global in AvX. That was the first of a series of articles going back over the globals from every set released so far. These are geared towards new players, letting them know what they may have missed, and veteran players who might be looking for the last piece or two to their constructed team.

    @Ken gave us another “Tip o’ the Day (updated weekly!)” letting us know about the new “Like” buttons. It’s a simple feature, but one that will likely get plenty of use.

    Our first podcast of the week, The Attack Zone, featured a great roundtable discussion with myself, Dave, @Chris, and @jthomash2 discussing multiple constructed builds you could see in the DC landscape. The second podcast of the week, our flagship show, jumped in to Dave and JT previewing the World Championship at Origins. …oh yea, that happened this week too!

    First, Dave put out another article that was “Not A Worlds Preview” driving home the importance of setting up and contributing to your local scene, instead of just focusing on the worldwide competitive scene.

    Then, WizKids dropped the bombshell turtle shell that we will be getting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters set later this year. Here are my thoughts on that.

    Then we got some pictures posted by @TRPEvan with some spoilers for War of Light. Which I’m getting a little more excited for with each spoiler. Then later in the week we got our latest contest results. Congrats to the winners!

    Dave had a series of blogs chronicling his journey to Origins. (Driving, Day 1, Day 2) He didn’t have the best of luck in his qualifier, but he seemed to have a blast at the rest of the convention.

    JT wrote up an article all about his Origins constructed team, and the thought process getting there. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much success, missing out on the Top 16 cut. That doesn’t mean his team didn’t have good reasoning behind it. Be the judge yourself.

    Then, we had the final of the World Championship. The new champion is Dean Leyland. Congrats to Dean. Check out his team here.

    Like I said, it’s been a busy week. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in our discussions this week, and anyone who was representing TRP in the twitch stream chat for the World Championship. In the coming days we will be going over some of the teams we saw during the event; some teams we wish we could have played at Origins; and what we think about the current constructed meta. Roll on!
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      Shadowmeld -
      In case anyone missed it, Dean is a TRP regular. Grats @alleyviper .