• Reading the Rainbow Yu GI Oh Draft Episode 3 Player 1 and the Rainbow

    Welcome back folks. Last time we talked about the archetypes we will likely find in Yugioh, and today we are going to extrapolate on that with a look at the cards of Player 1. We will be taking a look at a few quality low cost cards, examining some Dragon choices and trying to determine if we want to go all in on a strategy from a key rare card.

    Here is our Friendly Yugioh Raibow:

    Let's take a look at the first pack:

    Alright, plenty of good stuff here, and some amazing rare selections. Let's go through them one by one.

    Curse of Dragon 5, This card can define a clear strategy for us. Looking at the rainbow, we see 6 Baby Dragons we can get to fuel this churn mechanic and looking at Curse of Dragon there are plenty of them to get our machine going as well.
    Baby Dragon 6, Speaking of... The rare version of Baby Dragon is only marginally better than the common, and with it's slightly higher cost to purchase he's not quite worth first picking. Mind you, if this pack were a bit more sparse on options he would be a great grab, but not compared to Curse or the common Baby.
    Marshmallon 6, This guy is alright, but honestly not high on the grab list, even as a rare. The ability he brings is quality direct damage, if only you weren't paying twice for it, once when you buy him and once when he dies and clogs your bag instead of getting KOed.
    Obelisk the Tormentor 4, This guy is crazy good. Unlike many of the the 6-8 cost characters in this set, this uncommon is a straight up win condition. If you can afford him, you can attack and simply distraction him back to do up to 9 direct damage to your opponent each turn.
    Jinzo 3, This guy is pretty decent in set action dice hate. He counters Imprisoned and Phantom Zone as well as 3/4 of the action dice available in this draft. Does that make him worth picking up? Probably not until the pack comes back around, and really, with only 5 of said action dice being in the rainbow, he's probably still not worth picking over something else you want.
    Summoned Skull 5, This guy is one of those 6+ guys I was talking about that doesn't win you the game. He's good, and his ability is one of the better direct damage sources in this set, but it is such an unreliable trigger, on top of a huge purchase cost, that he really doesn't do what you would need a 6 cost to do.
    Dark Magician 3, We talked about how Dark Magician was an expensive ramp source but could be helpful in draft, but we need to remember, he's not worth taking before we get a plan, and some low cost cards in hand first.
    Red-Eyes Black Dragon 4, This, like the uncommon Obelisk is one of the big win condition cards of this set. Sweeping all of your opponent's sidekicks and getting a pump for each one is pretty good. Pair that with and overcrush BAC and you're in business for the win.
    Baby Dragon 6, Cheap, good stats, fits into multiple archetypes including Dragon and Bolt and efficiency. This guy is a wondrous pick.
    Doomcaliber Knight. 3, The stats on this guy are pretty decent. If you are going to raft him, make sure it's toward the end of the pack, and his stats are all you really care about drafting him for.

    Wowzers. There's some good cards in there. Our most reliable option from pack one would be to take Baby Dragon and leave ourselves open for multiple other options like 1000 Dragon Fusion, the rare Curse of Dragon to come back around or even to make a bolt team. However, that Obelisk is looking pretty tempting as a 7 cost "i win" button. there is very little targeted removal i this set, with the single die of Millennium Puzzle being some of the best in the game. Counting the wheel in this pack, if we did pick Curse of Dragon rare, we are almost assured to still get another quality dragon card when this pack comes back around, even if it is the expensive Red-eyes. Maybe the second pack can help us chose between the Baby Dragon, Obelisk and Curse of Dragon.

    Well, well, well. Looks like things just got more interesting.

    Mystical Elf 4, Not really a card that wins you the game (at least without Ant-man's global), but she does counter things like... that rare Slifer. For now though, it is definitely not working into any of our plans.
    Slifer the Sky Dragon 4, Well, he's definitely worth taking just as a rare draft card alone, but let's see if we can fit it into a more cohesive team and justify the pick. Maybe dragons?
    Slifer the Sky Dragon 4, Isn't it odd how one Slifer can be in such demand, and the other can be absolute garbage? I mean, I think I would rather play common Vixen over this, and you can quote me on that.
    Obelisk the Tormentor 4, This guy again. He just WANTS to be picked. It is nice to see so many dice for him in the field though, it means we can get 2 if we think we might need it.
    Goblin Attack Force 4, These guys are a secret key ingredient in Overcrush decks. If we went for Obelisk we might want to get these guys for their global, and fist energy to help us ramp to the big guy.
    Blade Knight 3, OR, we could just get this guy, ramp with him and already have a good ovecrush mechanic to work with. MAN, this guy really throws our plans for a loop. If we take him we have a reasonable chance of getting to Obelisk and between the two of them we can penetrate most defensive walls that Yugioh can bring.
    Mystical Elf 4, She's cheap enough to get early, and he ability is... adequate. If you get stuck with her, might not be terrible to use her as your wall character. Definitely not worth picking over other things though.
    Marshmallon 6, These guys are cheap, but on the totem pole of cheap characters in Yugioh, Marshmallon are the nuclear pink bottom man. Their stats sub par for their cost, and their abilities (especially this one with no ability) are just not worth the investment. HOWEVER, if you are finding that the other low cost cards are disappearing on you in the draft, ANY two cost character is better than no 2 cost characters, because 1/3 of the time they give you 2 energy.
    Harly Lady 3, For a 3 cost character her stats are decent, but her ability, in effect, makes her a TFC 7 character. That gets expensive, and for a character that has average stats, getting one sidekick body, in a set with loads of sidekick removal, is just not worth that cost.
    Harpy Lady Sisters 5, These ladies on the other hand, are much more helpful than their single sister. A potential 7 attack that can't be blocked is pretty good. Even if your opponent does double block her she's big enough to punish them for doing in. They're not cheap, but then again they're not expensive for their stats either. That fielding cost can rack up, but it is generally worth the cost.
    Morphing Jar 4, This guy is amazingly cheap for his cost. in a war of efficiency, he's the king. However, in a draft we don't have the Churn we need to necessarily fill our bag with things that don't help up win, even if they give us good energy. We can also see that there are only 4 of these guys i the whole rainbow, meaning it is likely we would have to spend one card slot on something cheap. This guy would be great if we had a plan for masks. If we do decide on Obelisk and Distraction combo, it's not a terrible idea. However, for now we should look at just getting things that are cheap and help us win.
    Buster Blader 5, We all know Baby Dragon is a great card in this set. He's not SO good though, that we need to draft a guy that can't be blocked by what is effectively Baby Dragon and Curse of Dragon, the only two dragons cheap enough to get fielded with reliability.

    Alright, well there they are. Now, what do we want to take first? We could take the Slifer if we needed it, then follow it up with a Baby Dragon for a flexible and efficient team. We could take Slifer into Curse of Dragon if we wanted to look at getting a dragon swarm going. We could also look at a fist team and start with Blade Knight into Obelisk. Looking at the Rainbow for some inspiration, we notice that there is only one Thousand Dragon. Chances are extremely high that we will not be seeing one of those come our way. We can also see that there are very few removal cards. With that in mind, I would recommend going the fists into Obelisk route. Blade Knight can give us really solid early game pressure with its overcrush ability, while obelisk gives us a reasonable beat stick to ramp into. If we bring Cone of Cold we get a removal basic action and a global that let's us pump either Obelisk or Blade Knight for serious damage. Looking at the rainbow we are very likely to be able to pick up some Man-eater bug, injection fairies or even the uncommon goblin attack force for some additional early buys. We don't need to go fully fist, anything else we find that is an early game buy, or has a decent ramp or control mechanic we could easily build in around this team.

    For now, our opponent needs to watch out for our rampaging fists.
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    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      I agree with the conclusion. While Blade Knight is rare in this draft and he has a tendency to overdraw your resources for early damage, alongside Obelisk, he fits perfectly into the team. On top of that, there's a ton of Injection Fairies, so you won't have a problem getting fists. The two things I'd like to bring up are that: Jinzo actually makes a really good beatstick with incredibly competitive stats for his costs and Obelisk has a max of 1 die, so you'd never need 2 unless you were hate drafting him away from your opponents.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      That is a great point about Obelisk.
    1. ToaEmpoleon's Avatar
      ToaEmpoleon -
      I have a question about rainbow draft. I get you you open all your packs so people know what's in play but are you drafting both 'packs' at the same time?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Per the rules, you have to check each pack that you open for contents. So you know what is in the first pack because you checked that they match.

      Then you start your draft with the second pack, draft that, and then begin drafting the second pack in the other direction.

      So, with the second pack, we already have seen what is in the first pack. While we don't have the opportunity to make any selections from it yet we can search the pack for what our best choices will be.