• TRP Podcast 54: Worlds Postgame

    It's the aftermath of worlds! Randy and... well... Randy talk about their experiences viewing from a distance. Dave cuts in to talk about all of the fun and amazing people from the convention, and then the discussion turns to the teams and what it all means moving forward. What a fun weekend!

    And - - we interview Dean, the World Champion!

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    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      One could even say that Rj is a "Pym-p"?
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
      One could even say that Rj is a "Pym-p"?
      I thought of that joke like an hour after recording. Haha.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      At one of the UXM booster drafts, I was able to draft 4 Pyms and come out swinging early for big damage with cheap Ant-Men. I dubbed it the Pym Slap. I was pleased.
    1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
      Vapedaveb -
      Nice cast.
    1. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
      Scorpion0x17 -
      Where can the WoL spoilers you talk about in the podcast be found?