• If I Would Have Gone To Worlds: Fireball

    Let me start by saying this: if I would have attended Worlds, this would have been my team. This isnít perfect by any means, but itís the most fun and unorthodox team Iíve ever played. If played well and dice roll in your favor, you can win by turn four, and thereís very little your opponent can do to stop it, as it has very little regard for what your opponent has in their field. ďSome men just want to watch the world burn.Ē Well, Iím one of those men. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Fireball.

    While our TRP team was playtesting some teams for Worlds, I was looking for a way to do sweeping damage to all of my opponentís characters, without targeting anything. I looked at a few different characters, trying to find a way to clear the board. I played around with Hulk, Cyclops, various dragons, and some other characters. They were all right. Then I tried Fireball on a whim. HmmÖ this has potential. If Iím relying on using this, then Iíll be damaging myself as well. I just need to make sure my opponent takes more damage than I do. But how?

    Boo-ya! If I get Storm in the field, then use Fireball, I will take two damage, and my opponent will take four damage. Thatís a good start. Plus, Storm brings along a global that doesnít hurt me, since my main action die doesnít target. But if my opponent is using Polymorph, Anger Issues, or Ring of Magnetism, then I have a tool at my disposal to ruin their day.

    These two guys make it all the better. Red Dragonís global lets me deal damage when I purchase Fireball, PLUS get it for cheaper. Double win. Then, if I have extra energy, I can use Torchís global to hit my opponent for an extra damage whenever I damage an opponent with a global or action. As luck would have it, Iím using both a global AND an action that damages my opponent. I can spend that extra when I purchase Fireball with Red Dragon and also when I use Fireball. This is shaping up nicelyÖ but It doesnít have a knockout punch.

    Solid stats? Check. Fits in to my purchase cost curve? Check. Heís my last piece of the puzzle. I field Storm, field Dr. Strange, use Fireball coupled with the Human Torch global for the extra point of damage. That does seven damage to my opponent. Eight, if my Fireball is on the double burst. Plus, that could clear out opposing characters, letting Storm and Strange attack. In a perfect world, they are both on level 3. Added with the eight damage from above, that would bring my total to 19 damage. Plus the single damage I did with Red Dragon when I purchased Fireball, thatís 20. Now, I know thatís a perfect case scenario. Itís not going to fall like that every time. But thatís exactly one half of our team. The other half is to ensure we have the best possible odds to purchase those characters when needed.

    PXG and BEWD. We know how to use these. On our first turn, we can pretty much work with any combo of energy and sidekicks. Idealy, we get a Sidekick, . Field the Sidekick, use the for BEWD, purchase Storm for a single , save the other for PXG. Next best option: and any other two energy. Pay the for Red Dragonís global, use your two other energy to buy Fireball, and save the for PXG. The only thing that REALLY sucks is getting two Sidekicks and two energy that are or thatís really the only first turn that can totally derail this team. With both PXG and BEWD we keep flexibility on our first turn to keep our team moving forward.

    This is what we call Fireball Lite. If things go poorly, and you canít purchase a Fireball, this can fill in nicely. You donít want to rely on Force Beam instead of Fireball if you have the choice. Fireball deals more damage, can deal even more damage with its double burst, and has that added ability where you can pump energy in to a target. Fireball is better in every sense, and well worth the extra energy. But if you donít have it, you donít have it. Force Beam can still be bounced off of Storm, can trigger Dr. Strangeís ability, and can be increased by one thanks to Torchís global. This is also nice, because itís a three-cost action. If you need an extra damage or two to your opponent to win the game, you can use the Red Dragon global and spend a single energy on this. Then you can add an extra point of damage with Torch if needed. While testing this team, youíd be surprised how often I would win by buying this basic action.

    Do you remember how I mentioned that we can pump extra energy in to Fireball to knock a character out? Icemanís coming along for bolt insurance. If Hulk or Jinzo are in play and you need to knock them out, this is great. Because pumping up Fireball is still a single action and a single damage source. So you wonít trigger Hulkís ability multiple times, and you wonít have to pay life multiple times for Jinzo. Just be careful, because Stormís global that we are bringing can change the target that we are trying to KO.

    Any Surfer will do. This one is just the best. He could be a ďholy crapĒ emergency purchase late in the game if youíve taken too much damage. But letís be honest. Heís here for the global. This lets us move stuff we just purchased instantly to our bag/prep area when our bag is empty. In a perfect world, you wonít need this. Best case scenario, you will be able to PXG enough every turn to leave only four dice in your used pile every turn, until you win. But thatís not going to happen every time. So we are prepared.

    Turn 1: Find a way to purchase Storm or Fireball and get dice to your prep area. Use PXG. Use BEWD. Use the Red Dragon global. Do whatever you can. Iíd prefer to buy Storm given the choice. Because next turn we will try to PXG a bunch, so the less energy you need next turn the better.

    Turn 2: If you bought Storm first, now buy Fireball. If you bought Fireball, buy Storm. If you canít buy Storm, buy another Fireball. Use PXG a bunch, Surf for a die if you must to guarantee both of your early purchases on turn three. Do everything in your power to roll everything next turn.

    Turn 3: Field Storm. Use Fireball. Donít worry about doing as much damage as possible this turn. Next turn is when we win. After Fireball goes off, use BEWD on Storm to purchase Dr. Strange. Use a bunch of PXG or Surf to guarantee Strange for next turn. If you canít get Strange, just keep going with another Storm or Fireball. Force Beam if youíre really in a pinch.

    Turn 4: Field Storm. Field Strange. Use Iceman to load up on energy. Use Fireball and pump as much damage to your opponent and KO any potential blockers. Attack for the win. If Storm or Strange come up energy, since they are characters, hopefully you can PXG enough to reroll everything again next turn. Donít go crazy making extra purchases just because you have the energy. You already have to tools to win at this point. If anything, buy another Storm or Fireball.

    But this team will only remain viable for another month or so, because when Age of Ultron hits, we get Jacosta, Patterned After Janet.

    When Jacosta is tournament legal, just replace Dr. Strange with her in the strategy. With her purchase cost of four, opposed to Strangeís six, makes her much more attainable. Your early ramp could miss here or there, and you could still have purchased Storm, Fireball, and Jacosta, ready for your fourth turn. When you have Jacosta in the field, and a Fireball ready to go, pay close attention to what your opponent has in their reserve pool. If they have multiple masks, this could get hairy. Use Icemanís global to give yourself a bunch of energy. Use Fireball, and using the extra ability on the card, pay a bunch of s to deal increased damage to Jacosta. With a few bolts, you should hopefully be able to do six or seven damage to Jacosta. But this is the first time she will be dealt damage this turn. So that damage is dealt to our opponent instead. Stormís global ability COULD work against you here. Your opponent could change the target of that added Fireball damage to another character. So before you spin all of your sidekicks to energy, make sure you have a or two to change the target character back to Jacosta if needed.

    This team is still evolving. Maybe I donít need Force Beam after all. So then I can put Resurrection in its spot, so I donít need to Surf and take two damage to prep a die. That would open up a character spot. Maybe Ant-Man goes in that new opening so I can flip Jacostaís attack and defense after I clear the board with Fireball. Maybe I shouldnít bring Storm at all. Maybe this teams works better with just using Fireball and Jacosta. Who know what other cards will come out that can better serve this team.

    Iíd love for you guys to try this team out at your next local event. Tell me how it does. What does it do well against? What stops this in its tracks? What is it missing? What is on the team that shouldnít be? I want your thoughts and input. Roll on!
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    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      This is the "similar to burn" team I referenced. It's one of the most fun decks I've ever played. Games are routinely over in 6 or 7 minutes. I'm not sure we tested a mirror match, did we?
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      It's a fun team and could be quite competitive when Jocasta happens.

      It's biggest weakness is that if you lose a fair amount of life early, you can't do what you want to do because you can't "spend" life the way you want to.
    1. alleyviper's Avatar
      alleyviper -
      I expect the AoU Captain America is going to be pretty popular once the set is legal so you may want to consider a way to get him off the field if you don't have the necessary bolts/double bursts available.
    1. Indy Mon's Avatar
      Indy Mon -
      Nice article and team. I played against two teams very similar to this in Worlds Qualifiers. As you say, teams like this can do a lot of damage very quickly. My concern is that the chances of that actually occurring are fairly low. In my experience, this team is vulnerable to Jinzo (action and global heavy) and/or Spray (kills the ramp you need to be rolling all this stuff every turn). Jinzo in particular. While you can KO him, he will just get rerolled the next turn with a 75% of being fielded again. To that end I agree with Dean's comment above: I'd look for a more solid form of removal to more consistently and thoroughly remove your problems. Puzzle comes to mind. Good luck!
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Yeah, it needs some protection; Randy's posted the team largely unchanged from what it was before worlds. There are some lessons that, for me at least, would tweak the way it looks.
    1. Archrono's Avatar
      Archrono -
      Storm - Lady Liberator + Force Beam has been my jam for a while now, and a friends team has been trying to get a Human Torch - Flame On! + Red Dragon global + Power Bolt burn team to not be totally vulnerable to it's own globals.

      Mashing them together seems amazing.
    1. Bubba9's Avatar
      Bubba9 -
      i think your jocasta trick wont work unless the ability to ping for extra dmg on fireball works differently then in magic, where you would always only ping for 1 dmg, so it would only be the first 2 dmg you deal to your opponent, rest will go to jocasta. it doesnt say deal 1 extra dmg to a character on fireball. probably another question for the rules team
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      It is fuzzy, though I would argue that it's just from one source.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      In the same way that the human torch's global Increases the amount of damage dealt by paying a bolt, when you use fireball, all effects of that action die resolves as one ability.
    1. Archrono's Avatar
      Archrono -
      I tried it a few times tonight against a pretty straight forward widow/patch team. Good times were not had...
      To be fair It's my first time piloting the deck but it might need a bit more game against widow. :/