• The Reserve Pool Sunday Edition: 6/8 - 6/14

    You may have missed a lot this week, between community blogs as well as our own articles. Let's not waste any time.

    Worlds and more!

    This week saw everyone talking about the aftermath of worlds - including the champion himself, Dean Leyland! Read his thoughts here about his preparation and how his team evolved from day to day to become the one that earned a sweep in the finals. I already know that Dean is a good guy because he likes Booster Gold.

    Perhaps you're wondering how to break down the teams from worlds or how to judge your builds moving forward. We have you covered there, too: This one is all about the top 16 as related to the evolving meta, and this one here is all about building and tuning your deck.

    You may have noticed that Blue Eyes White Dragon was prominent at worlds, with some teams eschewing Professor X altogether in favor of our monstrous blue dragon. Read a little about optimizing his usage here.

    But perhaps something other than worlds?

    Yes, perhaps draft is your thing! Mine too, and same with @Shadowmeld and @Scorpion0x17. The former continues his series on reading the rainbow, and Scorpion breaks down his experience drafting at the UK Games Expo.

    Wiktor brings us some international flavor, bringing us some ideas about building with shields. He takes on the super rare Iron Man, a card that I agree has potential but isn't quite there yet, and tries to make it something formidable. Nice work, Wiktor!

    We recently emphasized playing local, and @systemskill brings us news of his first attempt at a constructed OP event! Meanwhile, @Necromanticer continues to tell us about cards that we may have overlooked.

    And More!

    So much going on with the podcasts, forums, and everything else. The most recent episode of TRP includes an interview with Dean, so make sure to check that out. New features are coming all the time, like the trading system and new articles on the wiki. So much to see and do. Let's keep it going!