• My Origins experience part 1: Casual meets competitive

    About nine months ago, my friend Gene and I took the plunge and bought AvX starter sets. We had talked about jumping into the game for a while, but decided it was finally time. With a starter in one hand and a fist full of boosters in another, we entered into the world of Dice Masters. Thus began everything that lead up to Worlds and an amazing experience.

    A little about me-I am a husband and father of two awesome kids who both play Dicemasters with me-my son is really into it and my daughter is just learning. I work in the healthcare industry and found Dice Masters because of The Dice Tower and the love they gave the game. I am a hobbyist boardgamer by nature and also enjoy working out, reading, sports and being involved with our church. I have found gaming to be a great bridge of communication when it comes to kids, adults and everyone in-between. My wife and I play a lot of board games together, with the kiddos and with friends.

    This year, I had already planned to attend Origins for the 3rd time with some friends again and had my hotel, tickets and events all set. And then I heard that Wizkids would be holding their Dice Masters World championship and events there and it was icing on the cake. I figured I would rainbow draft a few times and watch the competitive play. I had not really gotten into heavy competitive play in our FLGS yet, and we played what we liked at home.

    Sometime around April I started looking at The Reserve Pool and DA trying to flesh out what the competitive scene looked like. And so I made my High Hopes team. I made my life gain team. I made a Beholder team. I made various Nats teams. I made a flying sidekicks team. I made a gobby team. I made a control team. I made a Vixen team (no not really). I made them all and I played them against my son and some people on hangouts and my friends and felt pretty good. I landed on a Patch, GG, and a few others and felt good. I thought maybe I would go and try to play in a qualifier and see if I could possibly win a game, but at the very least I could take home a couple of cool promo cards.

    Then I read the article from DA about the Lord of D Ring. And I really wanted to play that combo! So I sought out a Lord of D, a Ring, a BEWD and a Doomcaliber Knight. And I started to see the team taking shape, working with GG and a few others. Confident, I rolled it out in my local stores, and against my buddies. It made its debut on Memorial Day and once I locked that ring in place all I heard from them was "wait...what?" That Lord of D Ring can throw a team way off if they do not expect it. It keeps a player on their heels.

    I played in hangouts with a few people, but @Shadowmeld challenged me the most. We played a few times and discussed the last two spots a few weeks before the event. I settled in on a card that would allow me to fully use the Transfer Power global to my full advantage. The Stirge. Specifically the uncommon. If I could transfer my Superman or their GG or other big attack values to him and swing in unblocked, I would have my win condition. I added Storm Goddess of the Plains because my friends and I were all convinced that Lord of D and the Ring would be a problem. We play tested out a few teams against it, and one of the main problems I ran into was Imprisoned, but I didn't anticipate seeing much of that. I felt like I had a lot of stuff under control and could field this team and pilot it well. Two days before we left, I switched and borrowed a SR Stirge to add to this team. The potential seemed strong and I felt fairly comfortable with my team.

    We drove out to Origins early Thursday morning to register and play in the first qualifier. There were a lot of people in line, all waiting to play HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing matches. Once they got us were they needed us to be, it went smooth checking in and filling out team build forms. The biggest surprised to a few was the checking of the serial numbers on the yugioh dice. They were not messing around, I luckily was prepared just in case. Some had to run out to the car, and even others were not so lucky and had to play without them.

    So I had my team, my dice and cards and was all signed in and ready to go. Time to see what this "casual" player could do in a "competitive" world.

    I will continue with my story for each of the qualifiers and the Sunday events next time.
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    1. ThA_FuBu's Avatar
      ThA_FuBu -
      Welcome, Isaac! Look forward to reading the continuation fo this piece. Your intro to the game took place right around the same time I dove head-first in as well. Glad I hopped on board when I did as I only see this game getting more and more popular.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ThA_FuBu View Post
      Welcome, Isaac! Look forward to reading the continuation fo this piece. Your intro to the game took place right around the same time I dove head-first in as well. Glad I hopped on board when I did as I only see this game getting more and more popular.

      Thank you @ThA_FuBu ! It is awesome to see how much this game is growing, I really enjoy playing it with all of my friends and kiddos!
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      jevansfp -
      Great intro. Even though I was there with you, I can't wait to see how this ends. Here's to Part 2!
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      Wifey -
      I love parents who play board games with their kids! Great intro and I look forward to part 2!
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Thanks @jevansfp and @Wifey !