• Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

    The new site has been live for just over two months and I thought it might be fun to look back at some stats of what the community here at TRP has done, cumulatively, over the past two months. There won't be any graphs yet because there isn't a baseline to compare these to, so I hope you like numbers!

    Forum Stats
    Let's start with recording the stats you can see at the bottom of the forum list screen. At the time of writing this, we have 2,783 threads, 12,956 posts, and 503 active members. On average, that's about 40 new threads/190 new posts/7.5 new users per day!

    Blog Stats
    There are 28 active blogs with 271 entries. That's a bit misleading since hundreds of those entries are the imported from the old website, but it still averages about 1 community created blog post per day. The activity in the blog area started very slow but is now increasing. If you don't regularly check the blog tab, do so! You're missing out.

    Boy is this growing. It is up to 1194 pages, nearly all of them created in the past 3 weeks. Not all of those pages are fleshed out, but if you see something that is missing there, remember it is a Wiki, which means you can edit it and add it yourself!

    These are growing more slowly, but it's starting to get more attention. Excluding general forum attachments, there are already 28 albums containing 212 pictures and 15 files uploaded. The Ladders have 57 games logged. Top ranked player? @Shadowmeld with an Elo rating of 1095). Most active player? By far, @SlapsterMcFlash playing in 40 of those 57 games!

    So that's the basic rundown of community use of the site. Let's have a quick look at some of the most popular content and use of features.

    Popular Forum Content
    By far the most popular forum is General Discussion with over 3,400 posts, more than double the Rules (2nd place) and Strategy (3rd) forums. Top posters? They're all staff: @Dave with 1375 posts, @RJRETRO at 1002, and @Ken with 875. Top non-staff posters are @Crestfallen (825), @pishposh (482), and @Scorpion0x17 (443). (Due to how the wiki pages are stored, activity there is included in forum post counts.)

    The Most Popular Threads?
    • DC Gravity Feed Rarity... (5,847)
    • Reserve Poolers in Real Life (4,133)
    • Dice Masters Worlds Coverage (3,838)
    • What's the most you have spent... (3,412)
    • What ability would you most like... (3,077)
    • Age of Ulltron Spoilers on Dice... (3,012)
    • Storage Solution on Kickstarter (2,744)
    • TRP Forum Launch Contest (2,666)
    • Which IP would you bring to Dice... (2,436)

    The gravity feed thread may have the most views, but the most replied to thread is the Dice Masters Worlds Coverage thread with 127 posts!

    User Activity
    All of the above happened because users made it happen, so let's take a look at our users. When we first went live with the new site, we started strong, with about 50 logged in users per day, but we're now about triple that number. The growth has been steady.

    Who's liked? Well, we like you all, but in this case I'm talking about recipients of post/comment Likes. This is a newer feature, so the numbers are small. Top non-staff receiver of likes: @Scorpion0x17 (19), @DigitalFirefly (12), and @pk2317 (11). Top givers: @pk2317 (44), @Wargfn (24), and @OddballNarwhal (14). (It's a tight race between me, Dave, and RJ, in that order, receiving the most staff likes. Feel free to like me more! ).

    Who's been mentioned? Again, staff are at the top of the list, but among non-staff, it is @Scorpion0x17 (19), @Vapedaveb (14), and @necromanticer (13). Most quoted non-staff are @Scorpion0x17 (95), @DigitalFirefly (56), and @SarkhanMad (41).

    So I hope this snapshot-in-time was fun for you. If there are stats you're interested in, but I didn't include, let me know and I may dig them up and edit them in.

    Let's revisit this in a year and see how far we've grown!
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    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      /me goes back to "like" all Ken's posts :-P
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      I really should record my matches more. Gotta catch up to Slapster in games. Unfortunately, this summer has be just CRAZY busy, in part to the awesome demand you guys have for great content. Speaking of which... I think TRP podcast just landed... tie to listed to Dave's sweet and soothing voice while I pass out, oh and Evan too.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      I would just like to clarify, for the record, that in the night I surpassed @Ken in number of posts, and am now 10 posts ahead. The timing on this article could be considered a farewell to his top 3 status.