• Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 6 The Clock

    Welcome Back Folks! Last time we talked about efficiency and weenie purchases. Yu Gi Oh is really great for low cost charters with efficient stats but no abilities. It is also full of big expensive guys with abilities that may or may not be worth their cost. Today, we are going to talk about when to decide to take one of these big guys in a draft, and how to build your team around getting to that big guy. In DC we would be talking about Superman or *shudder* Shazam, but in Yu Gi Oh we are likely talking about one of the Egyptian Gods.

    Here is our Friendly Rainbow:

    First things first, let's open our first pack.

    Well, we've had this conversation before in our DC draft. The short answer is you're going to take the SR 99 times out of 100. So, that makes our descission here pretty easy. I'm actually not going to talk about the rest of the cards in this pack much because of that. Instead, I will talk a bit about what Obelisk does for us and what we need to do to plan around building for him.

    La Jinn This guy is actually really solid, if we weren't taking a super rare, he could be a great pick up.
    Dark Magician Girl This ability is... intellectually interesting, but functionally pretty wonky.
    Millennium Rod Solomon Grundy is pretty solid because he's removal, that gives you a body. Rod is the same... but only for one turn.
    Baby Dragon Perhaps the worst of the Dragon Babies, but remember, Fusion and dragon archetypes are super strong.
    Flame Swordsman The when fielded ability of this guy makes him, JUST average. If you play him attack every time you field him, or don't field him.
    Dark Magician Expensive, and puts YOU on a clock. we will discuss clocks in a moment.
    Trap Hole Not cheap, but it does what it says it does, and sometimes hat's all you need in a draft.
    Harpie Lady We talked before about how playing her for her ability uses all of your energy for the turn. Non-efficient.
    Dark Magician Girl This ability causes her to break even, if it triggers, otherwise, she is a bit expensive.
    Kuriboh Cheap, efficient blocker with worthwhile ability.

    Ok, Obelisk. This version is expensive. It would take PXG level ramp to reliably get him out. If you do buy him he's the only thing you'll be doing that turn. We're not kidding ourselves by saying we aren't drafting him, but do we play him? Looking at his stats, he doesn't even have the stats of an 8 cost character, only sporting a 7/7 level 2. Does that ability make up for it? Well... it puts your opponent on the clock.

    The clock you say? Yes, the clock. When you put Obelisk in the field you essentially say "you can field 20 characters. if you don't beat me in those 20 characters, I win. Tick Tock" This clock is slightly different than some of the other clocks we've seen, like the AvX Professor X who says pay 2 life per turn to use globals, or the best clock out there, Rare Jinzo who says pay two life for EACH global. However, this clock is a bit more insidious. Your opponent can play 20 more characters, but anything he plays still has to get past a 7/7 BEHEMOTH. Play a character, take 1 damage, chump block the giant Obelisk and his team mates, go to prep, get refielded take 1 more.

    So, we know that we want to use this guy, for two reasons: 1) Yu Gi Oh has very few straight forward win conditions in the set and this guy is one. 2) It's draft, that's when we get to try nifty stuff like this and see how well it works. The hard part here is drafting what we need to first purchase this guy and second make him work. The good news is that some of that will not be as much of a priority to or opponents so we can draft that pretty easily, but for the rest we MUST get what we need before we get to pack one, or we need to change our plan mid draft. What is it we need you say? Well first off, we need a way to get Obelisk purchased.

    In a game where you roll 4 dice, the most energy you can generate in an average turn is 8. this means we need to roll 4 character dice, not sidekicks, and all 4 have to come up double energy. I'm going to say this right now, if that happens, don't even think twice, just buy Obelisk. However, more likely, we will need a way to ramp some dice. We should look for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon rare, maybe grab a Time Wizard or two, and also grab some low cost fist characters so we can build up a wave of them and swing all at once to get as many of them prepped as we can.

    For now, let's see which of these things we can find in our second pack, and which ones we can reasonably expect our opponents to prioritize.

    Sangan This card makes me sad. it is one of the two cards(*tears* poor Mystic box) that was totally destroyed by the ruling that sidekick dice in your bag are not "monster" or character dice. It would be great to take him so we could ramp 3 dice pretty reliably, but the chances of getting 2 out of 2 monsters are just so astronomically low, that we are essentially paying 4 for a 2 cost character with no ability. (rant over)
    Black Luster Soldier This guy is great for a weenie fists team. If he comes back around and we pick up enough weenie fists looking to ramp into Obelisk maybe we take him as an alternate strategy for getting the win.
    Slifer the Sky Dragon Some big guys in this set just have abilities that are relatively worthless. This ability can be used on Slifer though, but for all intents and purposes he's just a reliably level 2 character with no other ability and a HUGE cost.
    Buster Blader This guy is just a beat stick. his ability just let's you beat harder if you're behind. His stat line is pretty good, but fielding costs are terrible; your opponent will probably block him though.
    Flame Swordsman If this ability triggers you get a small boost in efficiency, without it this guy is too expensive.
    Saggi the Dark Clown this guy would be interesting on an Ant-man team. without the ability to swap stats though, expect to get in for 2, KO a sidekick and go to the used. You opponent will be happy to pay 2 to prep a sidekick and send your character to your used pile.
    Morphing Jar Efficient
    Lord of D. Efficient
    Injection Fairy Lily Efficient, and also fists. Hello Obelisk ramp.
    Time Wizard Great ramp tool for this set. Field him, attack with him and hope he gets KOed with his poor stats. Then you get 3 dice, and are well on your way to having a chance at Obelisk.
    Baby Dragon part two of the Fusion team, but honestly, not what this strategy is looking for.
    Curse of Dragon Useful, but not quiet what this team is looking for. Can I just say though, the commons in this pack are ridiculously good.

    Alrighty, looks like our choices for pack two are pretty obvious, IFL or Time Wizard commons. We could take the 2 cost card we KNOW we are going to buy and use, or we can take the 5 cost card we WANT to buy and use so that we can get to our 8 cost card more reliably. The smart play is probably to take the IFL. We mentioned that the cards we need to make this strategy work are likely to circle back around, and looking at the first pack there is a small chance that Time Wizard will go around. The dragon teams will take Baby, Curse or Lord of D. the Weenie fist teams definitely won't be taking Time Wizard, the Thousand Dragon Team (cause there's only one 1000 D die) will be taking them, but there are 4 Time Wizard cards out there, you might get one on a wheel. Looking back at our Archetypes, and the amount of quality cards in this pack, chances are good that the Time Wizard in here might wheel. The Injection Fairy Lily though, she's a goner, even though there are 6 dice of her, everyone is going to want to take her. Makes our choice a bit easier. Take her for ourselves, and hope we get the Time Wizard back around. or even just pick one up soon.

    Looking ahead, what we really want to see to make this team work is ways to wall up and defend against our opponent, such as Mystic Elf. We also are looking for ways to KO their characters to stall for Obelisk and cycle your opponent's characters off the field once Obelisk hits; perhaps the rare Kuriboh. Ways for us to protect our defensive characters, and Obelisk once he hits are also good, like perhaps the uncommon Ring of Magnetism. Lastly, we MUST grab the cards that will help us ramp up to Obelisk. Depending on which basic action cards we are allowed to bring to the draft we may also want to emphasize ramp and removal there as well. Perhaps Resurrection, Gearing Up or Charm. I am also a BIG proponent of Distraction in draft teams that are looking to get a big late game guy to help you win the game. Distraction allows you to stop the weenie rush's early pressure by forcing them on the field until you can build up a few defensive characters. After that they have to keep building the weenie rush until they can overwhelm you in numbers.

    Well, that's about all the advice I can give for this strategy until we get to see more of the cards. Keep an eye down here for the Bonus section, and watch how the Obelisk team develops.

    Player 3 takes Black Luster Soldier's uncommon and the rare La Jinn.
    Player 2 takes two Baby Dragons, common and uncommon.
    Player 1 takes the Time Wizard, so he too can get Obelisk out, and also snags the Millennium Rod.
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    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      I think this analysis is bang on the money. Obelisk is too expensive to pass over and he can do something if you get him out. The only thing I really disagree with is your appraisal of Dark Magician Girl - Arcane Companion. She's an incredibly strong beatstick with a high chance to proc and a fielding cost that anyone except Thousand Dragon can only dream about. If you compare her to any of the other 5-cost beatsticks, she wins by a landslide. She's not going to win the game by herself, but the level of efficiency she offers is too great to ignore if you're looking for a big character to fight with. (seriously, a 5/5, 6/6, 7/7 for TFC-1? Sign me up!)
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      I have read your off the meta about her, and I knew you would say that, but I kind of disagree with your appraisal. The thing is, she encourages you to need to buy something every turn. In Drafts that don't cycle very fast, this can be a problem.

      I consider her ability a 50/50, making her a 4/5 5/6 6/7, and while that is good, she is just another beat stick something you can get plenty of in YGO. Take the common flame swordsman for example. His abilit y is 100% reliable making him a 5/3 6/4 8/6, something just as good as DMG, and even a little beefier in the attack end.
    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      I think you're missing out on two key points here:
      You don't need to purchase a character each turn, precisely for the reason you stated, drafts in Yu-Gi-Oh cycle slowly. As such, whenever a character comes up energy and heads to used, you're getting that full +2 benefit for a goodly while to come. This is even more relevant than n other sets because you're pressured into using character energy to ramp due to the overall lack of ramp abilities. I'd definitely put DMG's chance to proc at 75% or higher.
      Additionally, fielding cost is a big thing to consider when you want a character for stats. Flame Swordsman, Buster Blader, and Black Luster Soldier are all 5-cost beatsticks as well, but each of them has a TFC-6. It's going to cost a lot to keep playing them and if you ever get multiples knocked out, you've got a scary chance to wind up without enough energy to re-field everyone. DMG's ridiculously low TFC on a body that rivals any other 5-drop in-set is too much to pass over and unless I specifically wanted Buster Blader for walling purposes or Black Luster Soldier for pumping, I would always look for DMG as my first choice for big body on the field.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      All fair points. I will say, I tend to worry about "stat" sticks last when it comes to what to draft, but I can definitely agree that DMG is a higher pick than her competition.
    1. Darkwvlf's Avatar
      Darkwvlf -
      Love the articles Shadowmeld. I look forward to them every time they come around. They have really changed how I look at drafts.

      I actually played with DMG last night in our draft and have to agree with Necromanticer. She won two of my three games. In my first game my uncommon Obelisk the Tormentor was Spellbinding Circled down with no way of removing him from the field (polymorph kept being rolling energy and my opponent didn't have anything large enough to KO Obelisk). DMG carried the game after that. It really isn't very difficult to either purchase a relatively low cost die or just roll energy on characters to trigger the +2A.

      Yes, it is not 100% reliable and I can think of at least one instance in which I was unable to trigger the buff but it was incredibly easy to keep a character in my used pile for the trigger in all three games played. I would definitely grab her again early if we do a YGO draft.
    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      Well, this confirms two things...

      1 - DMG can do major work and is an amazing beatstick most of the time.

      2 - People in drafts are actually willing to bring and buy basic actions we've all probably forgotten exist in the first place.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      I keep looking at spellbinding circle, it seems so good. BEG makes it so useless though.